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Happy Post [Oct. 15th, 2015|06:35 pm]
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This is a happy post. (I know, right? How often does that happen?) It's not going to be very long, but I wanted to make sure people knew that I am pretty happy right now.

Knock on wood *knock knock* I'm still very much enjoying being Conchair of arisia, and so far have hosted some pretty great meetings, the last 3 of which ended early or on time! (I mean, they are still MEETINGS, but they have NOT SUCKED and I take that as a win).

Work is going reasonably well.

A new telling of ATITD has started back up and some of our friends who had quit when I started playing are back and playing again. I'm not really playing league of legends much anymore because I just can't deal with the toxic community, but that's OK with ATITD to fill that void. (Yes, very different sorts of games.) I'm in a semi-monthly online Mage: The Ascension game with some people I know from Worldcon fandom. It had been over a decade since I last played Mage. Wheeee

My mother-in-law is coming to visit this weekend, and we're gonna do some New England Fall touristy stuff. She wants to see all the pretty leaves, and I'd like to go apple picking :) While I'm a bit sad it's going to be so cool out (High of 50F wtf?) at least its supposed to be Sunny.

The house continues to be great for us. Kitties are doing well, and Brandon is amazing and supportive and fun :)

Yep, that's my happy post! Here for posterity when I want to rip my hair out in another 6 weeks!


(Man, I need some new Icons. A lot of these pictures are over a decade old. Argh.)
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Where I slept in 2014 [Jan. 2nd, 2015|09:01 am]

Littleton, MA
Boston, MA
Negril, Jamaica
Montego Bay, Jamaica
Hunt Valley, MD
Dennis, MA
Enfield, CT
Salt Lake City, UT
Lower Burrel, PA
Hudson, NH
Washington, DC
Gaithersburgh, MD
Manhattan Beach, CA

I *think* I got them all, and I think they are in order.
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Arisia 2016 Guest of Honor Announcement [Nov. 12th, 2014|03:09 pm]

While we’re hard at work putting together an amazing Arisia for 2015 (Just 65 more days to go!), when one works on a convention as large as Arisia, with our broad range of offerings, thinking about what to do “next year” starts more than 12 months ahead. To that end, we’re happy to announce the Arisia 2016 Guests of Honor!

Writer Guest of Honor: John Scalzi
Artist Guest of Honor: Johnna Y. Klukas
Fan Guest of Honor: Pablo Miguel Alberto Vazquez III

Just a taste of things to come!

-Kris "nchanter" Snyder
Arisia 2016 Convention Chair
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Short Update [Jul. 31st, 2014|11:21 pm]
Brandon and I signed the paperwork for The House Today. Yay! Move happens on the 2nd.

*falls over now*

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House! [Jul. 17th, 2014|12:27 am]
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[emotional state |excitedexcited]

So for those that don't follow me over on Facebook, or those that missed it over there, Brandon and I are buying a house in Southern New Hampshire, just off of Rt 3 (so I'm still only 45 minutes to Camberville and Boston)! We close at the end of July, and move in early August. It's new construction, which wasn't what we were specifically looking for, but this property ended up being something we really liked. This is really exciting, but also anxiety producing with sorting through everything we own and packing and stuff. I might end up writing about that (since writing my last post ended up being very useful for me sorting out my own thoughts) but I figured I'd give people some of the pictures we have to ooh and ahh over before I delve into angsty first-world-problem rants.

More details and photos if you click...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Jul. 15th, 2014|01:30 pm]
So here is my problem with the conversation going on in our community (and if you have no idea what I'm talking about, Goddess bless you and move along) -- there are a lot of people that are trying to get around talking about specifics and nuances. These things aren't black and white. You can't have black and white rules (well, you can, but they tend to backfire). Additionally, there is some demonizing going on of people who aren't holding specific black and white lines. That's so not OK.

Judah isn't welcome in my home. Someone I care about *vastly* more than him has said she doesn't want him around. That's the end of it for me. I don't think that people who still are friends with him are bad people. I don't think that Rachel and Scott are bad people for allowing him to be at the BoS party. I think that anyone demonizing them for it is wrong. People make decisions and choices given the information they have at the time. Sometimes it is flawed. Sometimes it's not. Sometimes they have information that you don't have.

There are a lot of well meaning people who are saying things that boil down to "abusers aren't tolerated at my parties" and while I understand and agree with the sentiment, I call bullshit. You know why I call bullshit? Because my abusive ex-boyfriend (Darxus) is still invited to their parties, and allowed in their houses. I've had someone, as recently as a year ago, try and tell me that I should give him the benefit of the doubt, that he's a good guy, etc. Some of these same people are saying that Judah isn't welcome in their homes.

I'll admit I'm a bit bitter. Is Darxus accepted in the community still because I wasn't as public about it as Song is? Maybe. I won't drumbeat that much out in public. However, in the 8+ years since my ex and I broke up I have not been exactly quiet about the fact that our relationship was abusive. Was there as clear a case of rape as there was with Judah and Song? I would not say that my ex ever raped me. Was I in a relationship where I didn't feel like I could say no to sex without repercussions? Yes.

Let me state that again with less negatives: I was in a relationship where I felt like if I said no to sex, there would be negative repercussions.

Many people in the community are still friends with him, still invite him to their parties, welcome him into their homes, and that was a large reason why I stopped showing up to things, and distanced myself from the community. I stopped going to Scott and Rachel's parties for half-a-decade because of that, and once I started showing up I *always* made sure there was someone on my "safe" list there that I could flee to if I started having a panic attack (which I have).

Am I angry? Mostly not any more. I'm not saying all of this because I want people to dis-invite Darxus, ostracize him, etc. I'm saying this because I can't stand the hypocrisy. Because this shit is rarely as black-and-white as some people are portraying it to be. Because I am still friendly acquaintances or casual friends with people that still speak to him. They are not bad people. Neither are those who chose to maintain a friendship with Judah. Rachel and Scott are not bad people for not previously banning Judah from their parties.

People, relationships, narratives and life all have nuances. Please remember to acknowledge that.

Kris "Nchanter" Snyder
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New Computer... New Mouse [Oct. 14th, 2013|10:22 pm]
So. I've been gaming, including playing league of legends (online MOBA, where mouse reaction time is important) on a touchpad. Except I got a new computer last week. I bought a Toshiba Qosmio where I had been on a Dell XPS. I seriously thought about spending the extra $1000 to get a comparable Alienware, partially because it would have a probably superior touchpad.

This touchpad isn't bad. It's pretty good. It's not the sexyness that was the touchpad on my XPS (which I had for 5 years. And I game. At all), and I haven't even tried to play LoL yet, and I'm pretty sure that no, I just cannot game like that on it. I can play Civ V just fine, it's reasonable for, you know, not gaming, but I'm gonna need something else to play LoL.

Oh, and did I mention that I typically don't sit at a desk or table? Yes yes, this is probably bad for me. Getting a sit-stand desk would be ideal. Any comments or suggestions that rely on that solution will get ignored. Especially as I cannot use a real mouse due to weird shoulder RSI issues. Just trust me on this.

So what I use when I'm at a PC (so the last two major office jobs I've had) have been some version of the Logitech Trackball Like the Wireless M (which I do own right now...) and I like it, but I know it's not the most ergonomic option out there. It also is a completely different set of muscle memory movements than using a track pad. Completely. So if I'm going to switch to it for playing LoL (and other possible future gaming that requires quick precise mouse movements) I wonder if it's the best option, and if I should be looking at something different, like one of the Kensington options. The Kensington Expert (Link) is the gold standard, but it's rather BIG and, because I don't sit at a table/desk much of the time (yes, even when gaming) I want something that sits to the side of my track pad on my laptop surface. So maybe I want something like the Kensington Orbit Mobile(Link)

Yes, I'm special and picky. And completely indecisive. And need to start re-training muscle memory. And don't want to have to do it multiple times. (which almost has me wishing I'd bought the Alienware... but otherwise I'm very happy with this computer. And I really should not have been playing LoL on a track pad for a year and a half anyways...)

Anyone have useful input or thoughts?
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(no subject) [Jul. 9th, 2013|12:30 am]
I am a woman of the desert, forged in fire and made of rage.
I am a goddess of the sun, I can give the light of life or scorching heat that takes it away.
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Places Slept in 2012 [Jan. 4th, 2013|02:33 pm]

In order of first night in the year slept there...

Littleton, MA
Boston, MA
Queensbury, NY
Lower Burrell, PA
New Kensington, PA
Fairfax, VA
Cambridge, MD (not a typo)
Enfield, CT
Bethesda, MD
Edison, NJ
Philadelphia, PA
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Kitties [Dec. 18th, 2012|09:57 am]
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So we've ended up with a second cat, acquired from paradoox and L. They had gotten Kimi (the cat) from the shelter a number of weeks ago (maybe 6 now?) because they wanted a friend for their existing cat, Arthur. That did not work out well. The shelter had said that she'd lived with cats before, so we thought maybe the problem was Arthur, a big, young, excited, Tom. So maybe this would work better with our big, old, super-chill Tom. Day 1 of Kimi and Monster was better than Kimi and Arthur ever was. After a week there is a lot more progress, but there is still growlilng going on (all on Kimi's side... I am *so* proud of Monster, I can't even tell you. My kitty is awesome. He's done everything right, which is amazing 'cause she's sending some real mixed signals here about wanting to play or not).

Kimi has started warming up to Gumby and I, and when she's not freaked out, or being a crazy bitch in Monster's general direction, she's very sweet. So we're keeping her and crossing out finger that in 3 months her and Monster can both be up on the bed at the same time (it's only been a week). Even if that doesn't happen, if she stops growling and freaking out, and they just tolerate each other, I'd be pretty happy. Plus she actually fits inside the tunnel on the kitty furniture, and after we put some katnip in there she decided it was her spot. It's so cute having a normal cat-sized cat around :)

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(no subject) [Nov. 26th, 2012|08:52 pm]
[emotional state |accomplishedaccomplished]

I really should post to this thing when stuff doesn't suck. Which is why I'm writing right now!

Things going on with me that are positive:

  • Getting to produce screen-capture web videos at work. Yay for creativity as part of my job! (I'm doing the screen capture and editing. It's for our help section on various features of our product)
  • I'm QUILTING. I decided to pull out the sewing machine and my bins of "not quilting cottons" over the holiday weekend and am making a crazy quilt out of random fabrics including old clothes. It's really satisfying, and I'm 5 blocks into what will be a 30 block quilt FOR MYSELF, which is something I've never made before.
  • Arisia. I'm finding the Hotel Liaison job quite satisfying, if intense at times. I am not happy if I'm not stressing just a little bit about something, and running cons are great for that.
  • Arisia. My replacement Innkeeper is doing a great job, and is dealing with a lot of specialness so I don't have to. I'm glad to not have to handle all the front-line customer service. Plus I like torturing him a little ;)

I hope to post pictures of some of the crazy quilt blocks when I'm a little further on. Working on making things makes me really really happy, and making myself a quilt is the best birthday present I could give myself :) (I turn 30 Real.Soon.Now)
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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2012|10:36 pm]
My sister is now married! Yay! I'll hopefully have the spoons at some point to write about her wedding. It was a good weekend, filled with lots of things. I managed not to bite anyone's head off, which is also good ;)

I have about 5 gazillion little things I need to do for Pi-Con in the next couple of days. One of which is fly back to Massachusetts. I kinda don't want to go, because maybe if I don't go back I won't have to do all these things? Haha... right.

There are so many things going on right now. Just when one relaxes, another 2 pop up. Maybe things will let up once I get through Pi-Con... *nocks on wood*

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Odd thing at work... [May. 2nd, 2012|03:28 pm]
[place |Lexington Center, MA]
[emotional state |cynicalcynical]
[song on the wind |Dirty Little Secrete -- Sarah McLauchlan]

I just sent the following e-mail to the Lexington Police General E-mail Address...

To whom it may concern,

My name is Kris Snyder and I work over at [redacted] on the second floor of [redacted] Mass Ave, just across the street from Town Hall.

A young woman entered our office between 2:00pm and 2:30pm Today claiming to be from Verizon trying to to sell us Verizon FiOS Business Services. She did not give us her name upon entering the office, and generally acted in an unprofessional manner. When she wanted to look up on her computer when FiOS would be available for our building, I politely asked her to leave, and she said it would "just take a minute." 5 minutes later she was still sitting there. Eventually she left us with a brochure and took one of my business cards. The name and number she wrote on the bottom of the Brochure was "Erica [redacted]" with the phone number [redacted]. When I called Verizon to complain about her demeanor, they could not find a record of her working for them (but disclaimed she could be an authorized reseller or outside contractor, and the person(s) I talked to didn't have access to that system). They also mentioned that FiOS was NOT available for our building/area, but could not tell if it was in the pipeline or not.

This entire situation feels "not right" to me, and it has occurred to me that she could have been "casing" our building, or otherwise engaged in something other than what she claimed. I'm not sure if I should be making some sort of official report, but can do so if you think that would be a correct course of action, but I definitely wanted to make some sort of effort to reach out to the authorities about this incident.

Please let me know if you would like to conduct some sort of follow up. I can be reached at this e-mail address, or at my office phone, [redacted], or on my cellphone at [redacted]. I work here Tu-Thur 12:00pm-5:00pm.

Thank you for your time.

-Kris Snyder
Administrative Coordinator

the [redacted]s are mostly to keep this post from coming up if anyone Googles my company's information, and to protect the possibly guilty.
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First Preview of our Wedding Pictures [Oct. 3rd, 2011|06:57 pm]
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[emotional state |excitedexcited]

Well, y'all asked me for pictures... I still haven't gotten an official preview set yet... but my photographer was so happy with our wedding that she's already made a post about it on her blog! Go check them out!


I love them all, but the first 2 are my favorites.
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Married [Sep. 28th, 2011|09:47 pm]
[emotional state |happyhappy]

So I've been married for a week and a half now. I'll make an epic wedding post sometime when I have pictures to post, maybe. Maybe I just hope I'll make an epic post, and really, it's unlikely I ever will. So I'm gonna make an informal off-the-cuff post now.

The best thing about being married? Well, there are 3 at the moment.

  1. No longer planning the wedding. Seriously awesome.
  2. Being able to refer to to Gumby as my Husband outside of my own head (been doing that for months already in my head)
  3. Greater acceptance of our relationship by my family.

The last one is kinda big, and annoying in a political/philosophical way... why does being legally married make a difference in how we're treated? However, it's nice to have that acceptance, and to know that next time we go to visit my grandparents that Gumby doesn't have to sleep on the god-awful couch in the basement. I'm also REALLY happy that we got married in and live in a state where we're able to do that regardless of how our genders match up.

Other than that it's kinda the same, but more so. I'm incredibly happy.

The wedding was awesome. Really and truly amazing. We throw a good party, I had amazing vendors the place looked beautiful, and it was the exact right size. I got to spend time with everyone, and while it would have been nice to have some other specific people there, having more than 65 people would have made it a little too crazy, and would have changed the feel, and it wouldn't have been quite so amazing. Yea... I'll have to do a full writeup later. But not now.

Then this past weekend we went to Pittsburgh for a second reception to include my large extended family. It went good, and I was really glad that Abby, Dan, and Alan came with us. They were supportive in exactly the right way, and my family seemed to like them. I'm really really glad they got to meet my Grandparents (though Alan already had) and see the place that feels most like "home" to me -- It's where we spend the holidays and I've spent more time there in the past 10 years than Northern Virginia.

The actual second reception was at the country club my parents had their wedding reception at, and we had like 110 people -- all family or friends of the family. It was a nice event, but was definitely more of a thing for the family than something that was us. This is why we did 2 events, and I think it worked out much better this way -- we could do one "the way we wanted" and one "the way it should be". It was great to see a lot of relatives that I don't see very often, and introduce them to my new husband (*squee*) and was a very nice evening.

The only thing I'd do different if I had to do it over is to take a weekend in-between the two events. I've spent the past 2 days recuperating when I really should be getting things done. However, I'm happy, crazy madly in love with my husband (*squee again*) and back to working on other projects. Life is good :)
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(no subject) [Sep. 2nd, 2011|01:12 am]
Life has been intense the past few weeks. It's been full of both good things and really stressful things, but nothing BAD. I went to Worldcon in Reno, had Pi-Con despite the hurricane, opened online reg for Arisia (which was more of a process than one would think) and have been, you know, planning a wedding. And trying to remember to still spend quality time with my soon-to-be-husband. After the wedding I need a real paying job, both to keep me from getting post-wedding-planning depression and so we can continue to, you know, pay the rent. It would be even better for Gumby to get a job, 'cause he's feeling somewhat defeated by the job-hunting process.

Wedding in 16 days! I'm excited to get Married (!!!!) and feeling a little crazy about the wedding, but I know everything will come together. Had dress fitting today, and ZOMG I love my wedding dress so much. I'm not use to liking dresses... but total <3. The dress for the second/pittsburgh reception I'm lukewarm about at this point, but it will be fine, and it's not like I have the spoons left to think about doing anything else. I have a whole bunch of stuff I need to do in the next 14 days, like write a wedding ceremony & make a list of the stuff I need to do in the next 14 days. I'm excited, but really, I'll be happy when the whole thing is over (and that at the end of it, I'll be MARRIED!!!)

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Fetish Nights in Boston? [Jul. 28th, 2011|03:40 pm]
I have a friend who asked me if there are any fetish (club) nights in Boston. I haven't been to one since Manray Closed (which was many years ago now) and their website is WAYYYY out of date for other things going on. Anyone have any idea or is the local scene completely dead?
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I am so so so excited about these! [Jun. 29th, 2011|10:33 am]
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[emotional state |accomplishedaccomplished]

I just made a post in the Offbeat Bride Tribe and decided some of you would be interested as well. I've basically just cut-and-pasted the entry below, even though many of my LJ readers don't need the exposition. *does a little happy dance*


Title: Meeple Porn!

For those of you wondering WTF a meeple is, it's the generic term used by the brand of geeks who play European or German style board games to refer to the personal playing pieces that represent people. The classic image of a meeple is the little wooden playing pieces used in the popular game Carcassonne. I'm a huge board game geek, and we are having gaming instead of dancing at our reception, in addition to using elements from board and card games in our designs. A friend of ours found a guy through the Board Game Geek forums who makes foot-high wooden meeple statues using a chainsaw, and our centerpiece idea was born!

So I got a "sneak peek" of our central centerpiece elements. They have been finished by the awesome chainsaw sculptor who made them, and he sent us the progress pictures. He has never had a request for more than 2 at a time before (I ordered 13. I don't think we'll have more than 10 tables, but the guest list keeps on ballooning and extras can go on the bar or gift table or whatever) and gave us a 10% discount on the order. We will be receiving them Mid-July!

Each giant meeple will be painted a different color, and our table assignments will be designated by color. There will also be flowers on the table (I'm meeting with the florist next week) and normal-sized meeples (which are 16mm high) and animeeples (wooden animal-shaped board game pieces of sheep, pigs, and cows) will serve as table-scatter.

After fights with mom this week, and a list of things wedding related that I'm dreading doing (making phone calls/writing long e-mails where I'm asking lots of questions) this e-mail has made me totally excited for my wedding again. Meeples!
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My friends don't suck. <3 [Jun. 8th, 2011|11:57 pm]
[emotional state |sleepysleepy]

So in this whole wedding planning process I've managed to mostly stay off of wedding websites and forums, with the exception of Offbeat Bride. I'm a member of the "Offbeat Bride Tribe" (their social networking/forums) and it's sometimes awesome and inspirational, sometimes heartwarming, sometimes heartbreaking, and occasionally cringe worthy or a bit WTF, including Bridesmaids Drama.

I understand family drama. I understand drama related to invited guests. I understand drama related to uninvited guests, and the +1 dilemma, especially for those on a tight budget or in a small venue. I even understand drama surrounding PICKING your bridesmaids (not that I experienced this one at all). The amount of drama some of these ladies are experiencing from their bridesmaids, especially the ones that are "their best friends for 10 years" is just... redonculous. I'm completely baffled as to why anyone would pick such persons to play such an important role on such and important day.

This is, by no means, all the ladies in the OBT, and from what I can tell it's more prevalent amongst the younger brides (shocking, I know). I just don't understand how, if you've been friends with someone for 10 years, or 8, or since you were 2, how you had "NO IDEA that she would pull this shit" which mostly consists of being Ms. Flaky McFlaky-Pants. People don't just randomly start flaking out on their friends, it's usually a pattern of behavior, or there is an incident that triggers the behavior.

I'll admit: I use to have friends like this. We all have. Some of us still do. I made a painful, conscious decision after the breakup with Darxus that I needed to cut out the unreliable and self-centered people in my life. While this seems like a no brainer, it took some time and was hard; some of those people were FUN when not causing extra stress or drama. I just can't imagine ever asking any of them to do this thing where reliability and not being the center of attention is so very important. Really, though, I'm mostly happy that it didn't have to be a conscious consideration at all when I picked who would be standing up with me on our wedding day :)
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The Saga of the Heat Gun [Jun. 7th, 2011|08:33 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[emotional state |busybusy]

So for our wedding invitations (which I'm making) I'm doing some rubber stamping with embossing. It was a way to include some design elements that are appearing other places but in a 2 dimensional way. I hadn't done any since I was 10 or so, and was originally thinking about using the stove or an incandescent light bulb to heat the embossing powder, but while reading up on the process (Internet to the rescue!) there were suggestions to use a heat gun. Heat guns are just a tool with a directional heating element, often shaped like a hairdryer, but more focused and with less air movement. When I went to Michaels to pick up an embossing ink pad and embossing powder, there was one in the stamping isle, specifically designed for crafting, for $25, so I decided to buy it.

Life made easier, then harder, then easier again.Collapse )
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Wedding Planning Recommendations Needed [May. 17th, 2011|02:22 pm]
[emotional state |busybusy]

Quick post to gather recommendations for more wedding-related stuff. At some point I'll post an update on progress for general consumption, but that's not likely to be today :P

So two things I'd like to make progress on this week: Day of Coordinator and Photographer.

After talking with a bunch of people, some reflection, and urging from my mother, I want to hire a day of coordinator. I don't need a full-on wedding planner (I've done a bunch of that already) but I need someone to "Stage Manage" the show, and I really want all of the invited guests to ENJOY the party we're planning. So if anyone knows anyone, has heard of anyone, has had a friend of a co-worker's etc etc, let me know, and I'll check them out. Someone who is comfortable with some non-traditional things going on (no dancing, bride not-in-white, uneven number of bridal/groom attendant...) is a definite must.

I also need a photographer. I probably should not have pushed this off as much as I have, and as we're 4 months out (eeek!) I really need to get on this. We will be doing some formal/posed/family shots prior to the ceremony, but the most important part of finding a photographer is that they do candid shots well. I do not want someone who will pull people out of what they are doing for posed cheesy smile shots. Some people like that, and more power to them, but I want a record of what was going on that day, not just the smiles of who was there. We'll (probably obviously) want some digital copies in addition to physical prints

Because I have a lot of strong opinions about how I want things done, I don't want to work with anyone I already have a personal or social relationship with. While I like involving my community, I also don't want to cause social awkwardness if a working relationship goes wonky. We're not budget strapped for this shindig, and these are places where we've decided we're comfortable spending money on. So ideally y'all would know awesome people to work with, possibly who are part of the larger community, but that I don't run into regularly at smaller social gatherings (if they go to Arisia, that's fine. If they are on you're standard invite list, and I am as well, that's probably not fine.)

Thanks guys :)
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Wedding Planning & Related Anxiety Update [May. 6th, 2011|03:38 pm]
Because if I don't write this out, I think I will explode.

So we decided to have a small wedding (under 75 guests). We ended up initially sending out 38 Save The Dates. After my mother was up here, I need to send out 6 more, because she decided that I wasn't planning some completely heathen shindig, that the family friends from DC should come to the Boston Wedding, vs the Pittsburgh celebration the weekend after. This is the size that we want. I want to be able to actually spend time with the people we're inviting to this wedding, and coming up with a "I can't imagine getting married without this set of people" list was actually easy to come up with.

Here is where I spew lots of guilt about not inviting more people to our wedding...Collapse )

TL;DR: Keeping the wedding guest list a manageable size without feeling guilty about not inviting people is harder than I thought it would be.

On an upnote, I bought the DRESS this week. It's sold as a bridesmaid's dress, and I'm ordering it in BLUE (after lots of consideration, deliberation and thought that could be the basis of a small thesis on event planning) and I love it so so so much! The dress company calls the color "Indigo" but it's more like a slightly desaturated royal blue.
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Ring! [Apr. 30th, 2011|08:11 pm]
[emotional state |ecstaticecstatic]

Friday we picked up my engagement ring from the Jewler. It's ended up being too big, and we'll go back in next week for them to put a larger bridge in (it fit perfectly both times we went in before it was complete. I have no idea what's up with that.) but otherwise I love it. The stone is SO blue -- this picture doesn't do it justice.


The ShinyCollapse )

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Arisia [Jan. 12th, 2011|10:15 pm]
So for anyone that doesn't know ('cause it's not like I post a whole lot on this thing anymore) I'm co-head of registration at Arisia for the 3rd(!) year in a row. So that's where I'll be this weekend, starting tomorrow. I'm excited for this year.

Today's preparations included a metric ton of laundry, answering more e-mails from "Special Snowflakes" (though pre-reg closed yesterday, to preserve my sanity) process the last few trickle-in comps, and, oh right, roll and cook six dozen grape leaves. Hopefully 4 dozen will still be left by the end of the night ;)

One of these years I should figure out what an actual serving size of those is supposed to be. I also should make them more often -- I think it's been 2+ years since I've done them (not counting assisting my grandmother or mother)

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Judgemental Old Ladies in Salons [Jan. 6th, 2011|06:07 pm]
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So I'd been needing to do something with my hair for... gosh, months now. The color was beyond faded, the roots were about 6" long, and the ends needed to be hacked off. I had finally found a place in town that had NOT screwed up my eyebrows when getting waxed, and when I was in there for the waxing appointment, prior to the holidays, I won a 20% off (!) gift certificate for any one hair service. A stylish woman in her 50's (who I assume was the owner or head stylist) asked me if I had anyone that did my hair (since I had mentioned I was new in town, and was relieved to find someplace that could do facial waxes up to my standards) and I mentioned I had someone in the city, but hadn't been in a while because who wants to drive 30-40 minutes to get their hair done. I explained what I normally do with my hair, my reservations about trying someone new, and she said "Steph. Definitely Steph. She can handle purple." After a week of mulling it over I called and made an appointment. Because the process would take multiple hours, it wasn't until after Christmas that I could get into see her. I then had to move my appointment AGAIN because of the snowstorm and re-booking a canceled flight.

More of the actual hair sagaCollapse )

2 Things about this experience bothered me though -- none of which had to do with Steph, or even that I had to go back in to get my color fixed.

While I was there on Wednesday getting the color fixed, we got into a conversation with one of the other stylists who was still in the "younger" age group (read: under 40) about the crazy things friends of ours had done with their hair, including color. I mentioned water_childe's Technicolor hair, and one of the stylists in the clearly OVER 40 crowd said "Dear god, what does she do for work?" "She's a Nanny." "And people actually hire her with oddly colored hair?! I wouldn't, it sets a bad example for the children that coloring your hair like that is actually acceptable." Me and the stylists I had been talking with just gave each other "she doesn't not understand she stuck her foot into her mouth" looks.

The second thing was an encounter I had there today, while I was getting a facial wax (yes I was there 3 days in a row, the esthetician only works Th/F/Sa). Another woman, who was in her 50's and not quite so stylish, came over, looked at my hair, seemed to be trying to make pleasant chit-chat about my hair finally being the way I wanted, and said something to the effect of "This was all your fault for using non-professional products, and this is what you get." I didn't really respond, and she eventually walked away. While that even might be the case (and Steph assured me it wasn't the previous day, and even if my products caused it, I had warned Steph about what I had been using, and she agreed that we got MUCH Better color than we ever could have with the brand they use), you do NOT say that to a client, and certainly not someone else's client.

I will be going back, because I like the work, and the attitude, of the professionals in that salon that I patron, and the one that Gumby sees for his hair, but the other women there put me off. A lot. Next time I'm in there, I may inquire about who is the owner (I'm not 100% if it's that first woman, and their website does not have a listing of staff as some salons do) and might consider talking to them. If it is that first woman who was very warm and encouraging to my non-traditional self on my first visit, I'm pretty sure she would be annoyed at her employees behavior, if for no other reason that it's bad business.

I feel much better writing that all out.
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