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this is my journal. if you don't like anything i say, tough don't read it. however i don't want to hear it second hand through anyone. you have a problem, and issue, with anything i say, come to me. my contacts are on my info page. if you want to call me, and don't have my number, aim me or e-mail me to get it. or if you are listed as a "friend" it's posted from last saturday.

on a completely related note i have to make yet another correction as to my current relationship status. anyone who doesn't want to hear this, don't read it.

i am in two open and loving if not confusing relationships. one of which is with alan, who is 17 (he's 18 on tuesday. wooo hoooo). he lives in central square (yes, in, not near) he goes to csw with me, is a hippie with golden locks and is such the sweetest most tolerant, pacient, loveing thing i know.
the second is with james, who is 20, lives in newtonville, goes to harvard (yea yea yea, i know it's disgusting) who's JUST gothy enough, has arms that i melt over, and with whom i share an emotional and spiritual connection i could not even begin to describe.
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