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i told sara i couldn't do lunch today 'cause i had work to do, which i do, but i'm not doing it. i'm really dissapointed in her "yea, i'm not going to do drugs, and i'm not going to smoke, and i don't want a boyfriend 'cause i can't handle it."

a week later "yea, i smoked up with galen and mazen and keeler and shoshe and guy at galens' this weekend and made out with mazen and galen's ok with that and i really want to date him and dude, will you buy me a pack of cigarettes."

once a crack whore always a crack whore. i don't know why i'm so surprised, and dissapointed. also, i talked with marcus yesterday. we miss eachother, though i'm not sure why. i don't need him, or anything like him, in my life.

i need to re-do my hair. i'm thinking of doing it more natural-ish. aka not blue and pruple. i'm thinkging a natural-ish red, and un natural red, and white. and of cource the back black. i don't know, i like the idea, but i'm such a purple person. just look at my bloody livejournal. but i am also fire, and i'm starting to feel that more now. though if i do two white streaks up font, like thin ones, i could do purple tips.... hmmmm.....

oh a funny thing i noticed today. i drink a cherry coke, which i am in love with, and i feel tired, despite the caffine. i drink water, and i feel alive again. i need to take better care of myself. i don't think that next module, term, whatever, i can do more than one late-night excursion a week, well, during the school week, weekends are another matter. and as i approach actual dance concert, people are just going to have to deal for a few weeks with not really seeing me. but i graduate 5 days after dance concert. i just need a place to live by then. i know it seems like i bitch alot about that, but if i don't find something, be it with shawn and/or kaos and/or statik or not, if i don't find something by march first, as i get kicked out of my dorm march 15th, i go back to virginia. this would be BAD on soooo many levels. so if anyone knows of anyone in the greater boston area renting a room out, PLEASE let me know. i need to find something, pritty much anything. i am still looking for an apartment deal with my psychotic boys (hehe) but if it's not going to happen, i need other options, which i don't have. which sucks.

i have a really annoying zit on my chin. i think it's there to remind me how the little things are the most annoying. like the meaning of love. it's really a little thing, but it pisses the hell out of you.

i'm gonig to go not do hw some more. god bless being a slacker.

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