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i want to make this post red... i'm not even bothering....

my c drive either got a really nasty virus (james's theory) and i need to do a complete re install or it phsyically died (eric's theory), as we can't hear it spinning, and i'm going to have to call dell.

the one thing my toshiba never did, is have the hard drive physically die.

eric's comp had that happen a few times. his laptop, rather, not to be confused with any of the 30 other machines that could be attributed as his.

so i'm using a dorm comp now. i disabled the "you have to log in" feature on IE 'cause, well i don't know how to log in. i'll probably re-enable it when i get off, just to be a bitch. if i can't use my computer, why should i make it easier for everyone else to use these ones??? that's what i thought.

so yea. i'm not going to be online much for a few days probably. this is goign to kill me. i'm already going nutz. i've already had comments on "kris is using a DORM computer?? what the fuck happened?"

i'm NOT happy. i'm so not happy, that, i um... yea...

i called eric. that's how panicked i got

yea, no, i didn't expect this post to be coherent.

i had other stuffs i was goign to post today, but um... yea...

if you need me, e-mail me. i'll try to check it twice a day.

maybe i'll get hw done now. i mean, it's not like it's just the internets down, my computer doesn't work. i cna't watch traffic and the fifth element to fall asleep. i never burned CD versions of hooverphonic, massive attack, poe, the new nin. and um... TEN GIGS WORTH OF FUCKIN' TNG EPISODES, VERY POSSIBLY GONE!

::kills self for "ill get around to it"-ing the "hmmm...i should back everything up on cd's" mentality::

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