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i love james. i hate the situation. i hate what i have gotten myself into. i cannot bear to be without him.

BOO. - Katy

Katy is on crack.

Not xrack, Hanson. Makes you high :) - Katy

like i said... Katy is on crack. i'm in the yum lab. remind me to not try and write meaningful LJ entries while i'm in the yum lab.

Katy just went to the "hanson hotel" web page. ::shudder::

back to my entry...

so weather or not certain people are going to call me a wimp, and i am, i am still togeather with james. i vented last night. i vented, i screamed. i hung up on him. i was enraged. it felt kinda good. anything other than that, i am still working on. sometimes people just need to learn to loose control.

i definately lost control. and as much as i was hurting, i feel bad for making him feel it too, even if he deserved it, even if i am right. i am right. i always am. it may be weeks, months, even years later, but it will be realized that i was/am right.

i should go watch people attempt to dance now.

i sooo need to get sleep tonight. staying up until 4:30 am when you have lori taylor for A-block is a bad idea.

on a compltely differnt note, i got a B+ in infinite jest. dude, i rock.

--mademe psychosis

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