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1-i'm not being completely seriouse about the lesbian thing. i think part of me might be, but in all honesty... i'm not going to just say that 'cause i broke up with a boy. and part of the reason i date more boys than girls is 'cause well, girls have screwed with me too, and i find guys generally easier to deal with. look at who i'm close with.

2-i'm making this post from the LJ client on my computer. lets all be happy for kris ::grin::

3-so the restore disks don't appear to include the adaptec cd burning softwear, and i need the direct CD stuff to access all my files i backed up, including paperwork for my interview at emerson on friday.

4-dance concert selection day was today. i was long. it was not horribly fun.

5-my throat is sore, i can't swollow, i'm exaughsted, my room is like 80 degrees and i'm freezing, and i have a temperature of 100.5 i don't get temperatures, or i didn't use to. also, i threw up on friday. i thought it odd at the time...

6-didn't end up watching blade runner at katie's last night, we just talked until 2 am instead, some with cynthia too. that was really wonderful.

ok, i go collapse now. maybe i'll install microsoft office back onto my computer so i can do my paper.... nah.....

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