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[ Start ]

What time is it?: 11:50 pm
What is the date?: feb 20th...
Why are you filling this out?: i somehow feel obligated... and i kinda want to... procrastination

[ Me ]

Full name: Kristen Marie Snyder
Do you like it?: i like kris
Nicknames: Kris, Malak, the Nchanter, Black Widow, The Backstage Bitch, Lighting Goddess, THeatre Goddess, God of the Techies, Mistress, and Mademe Psychosis
If you could change your first name, what would it be?: Shawn
Age: 19
DOB: 12.1.82
Height: 5'9"
Hair color: in transistion, now, mostly black, purple, blue, faded, and roots
Eye color: drk brown with a fleck of fire
Where do you live?: live?
Do you like it there? hells no
Why/Why not: rulez
Where were you born?: akron
Astrological sign: sagitarius
Shoe Size: 7 narrow
School: 3 more weeks
GPA: too too low

[ Family ]

Parents names: Emily and Phil
Do you have any siblings?: Kim and i've been told i have a brother
Are your parents divorced/remarried/single?: dad's been devoriced but miraculousely they are still togeather
Pets: Chelsea, alan
Do you like your family: mom has her moments, sis is getting better, dad would be cool without mom.... and the list beyond that is extensive and a full specturm
Favorite relative: eliot, my cousin, who i may live with next year

[ Favorites ]

Number: 9
Color: purple
Car: either a lotus or an m3 or mine. (full spectrum)
Season: summer chiled
Holiday: any one that i don't have to go to school/work
Month: summer
Day of the week: saturday
so far: meow?
Sport: i get my PE credits by doing theatre
Class: fantasy lit with warrent, sophmore year, or sf writing workshop with michael jr year
Teacher so far: WARREN, or michael, or satan... hmm... or marci. or mrs p. i like my teachers.
Drink: cherry coke... yummy
Candy: wild berry skittles
Food: good egg rolls
Fruit: white nectarines
Veggie: broccoli
Dessert: Ccheescake factory cheese cake
TV show: STAR TREK TNG!!!!!!!!
Radio station: 101.1 (NH, not DC)
CD: right now, The Controls:100 or Tool - Lateralus
Movie: fifth element, empire record, crouching tiger, raise the red lantern (yes, it's freaky)
Song: currently -- Around the world in a tea daze - shpongle
Word: score!
Phrase: bite me
Animal: snake
Flower: iris
Clothing store: tj max dude
States (that you've been to): Massachusettes
Ice cream: lizzie's chocolate orgy

[ This Or That ]

Me/You: me
AOL/AIM: aim
CD/Cassette: CD
Radio/CD: CD
Jeans/Khakis: Jeans
Car/Truck: Truck, it's a southern thing
Corvette/Camero: vette, stingray
Strong/Weak: Strong
Upset/Pissed: Upset
Lunch/Dinner: dinner
Abercrombie/Hollister: not abercrombie
Gap/Old Navy: Gap
Nsync/BSB: Nsync... 'cause they formed themselves and BSB all auditioned to a producer and stuffs
Britney/Christina: i listened to too much britney with nikki, christina
Love/Lust: love
Gone In 60 Seconds/The Fast and the Furious: Gone in 60 Seconds
inside/outside: outside in the summer on a beach in truro looking up at the stars minus eric (griffin can stay, he was being quiet)
Lipstick/Lipgloss: ewww
Silver/Gold: silver
Piercings/Tattoos: tattoos
Football/Basketball: ewwww
Thunder/Lightning: Lightning
This/That: This

[ Friends ]
Who is your best girl friend?: Iris or Gwen
Guy friend?: Statik and/or Shawn
Do you get along with people easily?: if they are on my plate...
Why/Why not: be me until age 16.
Who have you known the longest?: aprotim
Who do you dislike the most? those that decide to be all pissed at me.
Was your crush/bf/gf a close friend before you liked them?: not a close friend, but a friend
Craziest: fang
Loudest: chloe
Funniest: ox
Quietest: gwen
Sweetest: gwen
Most caring: gwen, iris in her own twisted way, alan
Most understanding: gwen undestands me, so does lauren
Best dressed: statik, iris
Biggest flirt: me. galen.
Most likely to have a 2 year relationship: iris. aprotim
Most likely to be in 2 relationships at once: lauri. alan.
Cutest: caitlin burke is the cutest thing on the planet
Most loyal: iris. by far.
Most athletic: lauren
If you were stuck with only 21 friends, who would you pick and why?: lauren, lauri, alan, gwen, shawn, statik, kelly, jen, casy, amy, chloe, aprotim, iris, janet, katie, katie, tim, scott, galen, james, marcus (dude, that's a horrible question, or horrible that i could do that.)
If you could date >ONE< girl/guy friend, who would you date and why?: james....
If you were the opposite sex, which member of the same sex (as you are now) would you date and why?: well we are eventually cloneing gwen and i'm turning my clone into a lesbian... ::grin::
Most likely to be on America's Most Wanted: Shawn and his Capgun
Most likely to be a stripper: Iris was a stripper
Doctor: Iris, actually
Teacher: Scott or Gwen
Stay at home Mom: Lauri.
One(s) you'd travel across the world for: Shawn Statik Iris Chloe Gwen
If you could take 5 friends to paradise with you to live, who would you take and why would they be the best?: Shawn and Statik, Iris, Gwen, and probably James, 'cause i'm a sucker.
Smartest: Gwen, Alan or Janet. stupid AP physics kids. or Aprotim, mr i got a 1600 on my sat's the one time i didn't study.
Who has the nicest parents?: alan
Who is like your adopted sister/brother?: galen. she's my little sister
Who is the most like you?: i dont' know...

[ Love + Relationships ]
Do you have a bf/gf?: yes
If not, do you have a crush?: yes
If so, who?: alan
How long have you liked your bf/gf/crush?: since sometime last year
How long have you known them?: 4 years
If your single, why do you think you are?: ::shakes head::
What was your longest relationship?: 2 years
Shortest: something like 40 hours
Are you virgin?: nope
Who was your first love (if you've had one)?: right now i'm going to say vic...
Do you miss them (if your not still together)?: i miss what we were
Most recent kiss: jen. real kiss... alan probably. or marcus.
Who is one person you've liked but >NEVER< said a thing?: why would i tell you?

[ Past ]
If you could take back one thing you did, what would it be and why?: you should have asked me that last weekend, i had one then
Do you have any regrets?: nothing i'm going to loose sleep over
Last thing you said: night to gwen
Last song you heard:NIN live -- hurt
Last person you talked to: gwen
If you could get back together with an ex, who would it be and why: we all know who and we all know why.

[ Present ]

what are you doing right now?: talking to moira, kaos, and alan on aim, and filling this out.
What CD is in your CD player?: luxt
Are you cold?: no
How are you sitting?: i'm bad at description
Is there music on?: NIN live -- sin
What time is it?: 12:31 am
Where are your parents?: in virginia

[ Future ]

How old will you be when you graduate high school?: 3 weeks and 1 day older than i am right now
Are you going to get married?:not anytime soon
Although you cant tell who you'll marry, is there anyone you'd wish it would be?: yes
Are you going to have children?: god knows
If yes, how many?: hopefully not more than one
What will you name them?: who knows
Do you want to go to college?: yes
Which college: emerson
What kind of car will you want to drive:::grin:: something purty
What kind of job will you have:running the gray area and stage managing for fun
What's your expectations for when your 25?: expectations...???

[ Have you ever ]

Smoked: yes
Dipped: ewww
Prank called the police: no
Been followed, etc. by the police: probably
Been high: yes
Done drugs: kinda
If so, what?: pot, all the ridalin i was perscribed...
Met someone off the net:cricket
Been in a fist fight: whenever i can
Punched your sibling/parent: yes
Wished you'd die: yes
Tried to commit suicide: nope
Broken a bone: yes
Driven illegally: unless you mean really really fast, no.
Thrown things at your parents: yes
Runaway: nto really
Filled out a survey this long: yes

[ Others ]
Do you write in cursive or print?: print
Are you a lefty, righty, or ambidextrous: right
Do you believe in God?: yes
What do you think of rainbows?: purty
Do you have any piercings/tattoos?: ears twiced pierced
If so, where?:
If not, do you want any, where?: tattoo... millenium ring, lower back. one ear pierced ther rest of the way up, the opposite eyebrow, a libret. for starters
What do you think of Eminem?: "mother fuckers that forgot about dre"
Is Tupac Shakur really dead?: yes and kurt cobain killed him (so so middle school)
What do you think of Britney* and Justin?: who?
If you could live anywhere else, where would you live? think boston area
Do you drive?:yes
Do you have braces or glasses?: glasses
Like milk and cookies?: nope
Ever worn black nail polish?: dude... for 4 years streightr
What color nail polish do you have on?: none
Do you do things even when your parents say no?: yes.
What is your favorite song to "rock out" to?: what?
Ever taken anything from a hotel?: shampoo and a pen
Did you talk to your crush/bf/gf today?: yes
If so, for how long?: not long
If not, why not?: n/a
Do you think this is stupidly long?: i'm filling it ou t aren't i
Did you like it?: eh
Why/Why not: >??

[ Finish ]
What time is it?:12:39

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