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this took was kinda informative...

the point of this game is to list the same interest that i have with my friends on LJ. if i didn't list you... i'm sorry.... too many people....

abarros cars, photography, poetry, theatre, writing
aboriginal nin, tori amos
amythyst labyrinth, love, poetry, music, sex, star trek
angelblurs fight club, poetry, sex, tori amos
asciikitty boys
ashriel angels
knowmebymylaugh art, beauty, edward norton, girls, jefferson airplane, literature, love magic, music, pink floyd, plays, poetry, sex, star trek, writing
clydemyman art, boys, csw, driving, fight club, music, photography, swimming
cricketor art, beauty, bisexual, dance, girls, glitter, hole, labyrinth, love, magic, photography, plays, peotry, sex, snakes, the dark crystal
dogoncouchmusic, swimming, writing
doraphilia chocolate, csw, photography (which is where i first saw this... btw)
draven817 death
eldrad csw, driving
extraneous chocolate, photography
frommy art, beauty, cheese, literature, magic, music, poetry
funckydodacheese, dance, theatre
herbi drama, insanity, literature, music, poetry, star trek, theatre, writing
ithych contact improv, modern dance, writing
jelissalome garbage, photography, poe, writing
justjessiangels, fiona apple, kisses, snakes, theatre
kyrene chocolate, magiv, music, poetry, star trek, tori amos, writing
lalena literature, modern dance, music, pink floyd
lonelydove bisexual, fiona apple, lesbians, literature, merallica, pasta, poetry, wings of desire
maderiafly csw
maggog cheese (curiousely, this is her ONLY intrest. silly julia)
marmelady art, csw, drama, lesbians, love, photography, theatre
menacingduck csw, dance
moneypennypassion, sex, tori amos
moxie77 photography
mrartichoke beauty, csw
opethgarbage, hallucinogen, lords of acid, pink floyd, tool
original_fifi star trek
justfortoday art, cheese, curly hair, lords of acid, love, nin, poe, poetry, writing
posterchild hate, love
aphonia art, chocolate, driving, glitter, kisses, labyrinth, lords of acid, nin, photography, poetry, prodigy, sex, tool, writing
abaloneblanca breasts, goths, lesbian sex, love, music, poetry, tori amos
sgrbbydoll music, photography, tool, vast
sinner fight club, music
thebookofjoel poetry
thiamoon art, love
twizted317 art, beauty, death, emotion, fiona apple, good, hate, music, photography, poetry, writing
vangieangels, art, death, fiona apple, goths, music, photography, poetry, quotes, sex, tori amos, vast, writing

people i have no listed interests in common with

caseymalone (actually, casey has no interests listed)
crackboy (james neither)
exlevan (is there a thing where csw boys are too good to list interests?)
joshwand (another csw boy!)
kofun (and i don't count his listed interests as, well, counting>
solange (hey, not csw, not male, tova broke my pattern)
sugary828 (how are we supposed to have interests in common if you list 5)
theatrebunny (grrrr...)

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