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[Feb. 24th, 2002|06:27 pm]
[emotional state |productiveproductive]
[song on the wind |Cranberries - Salvation]

jen and i took three rolls each today. it was fun. skippy called in the middle of it. remind me NOT to pick up the phone with a 616 areacode. if it's someone other than him, they will leave a message. hell, he'll leave a message.

i want this chick i called about a room in arlington to call me back.

ARLINGTON: 3F seek 2F to share hse. $400 & utils, 2 ba, W/D, N/S, prkg, near bus, avl immd. Tanya @781-xxx-xxxx

i'm probably going to give her a call again... ummm.. well maybe now.