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1.How old are you? 19
2.What did you think youd be doing by now? being out of HS
3.What do you want to be doing in 5 years? either doing theatre or the gray area
4.15 years? technicallly running the gray area but not really having to work
5.Do you have a significant other right now? he's actually reading this as i type ::grin::
6.Do you want one? one?
7.What was your worst breakup? maybe eric, actually... the brian situation has been harsh...
8.What are they up to now? working? i dunno... brian's going to seattle soon
9.Name 5 famous people youd want to sleep with: Christina Ricci, Brad Pit, Mynard (the front man for tool) the frontwoman from electrostatic, and um... angalina jolee in gone in 60 seconds, not in toumb rader
10.3 famous people youd want a relationship with: realtionships with famouse people? i don't want that.
11.2 famous people of your non-preferred gender youd sleep with: i don't have a preferred gender
12.Have any tattoos? not yet
13.Where and of what? ::glare::
14.What would you want and where, if it were of no consequence? even if of consequence, millenium ring (snake eating tale) lower left side of back. in red. (yes, like scully. shut up)
15.Were you ever impressed/freaked out/turned on by someone elses tattoo? yep
16.Pierced? where? i have ears double pierced
17.Why? ummm. i've had them since 5th grade
18.Where would you get pierced if it were of no consequence? labret, eybrow, one ear pierced up, one nose, if of no consequence, nipples.
19.How often/how well do you sleep? sleep?
20.Would you rather have sex in front of your parents, or watch your parents having sex? have them watching me.
21.Would you rather share a one room apartment with Shakespeare or Stephen King? either
22....Picasso or Monet? picasso
23....Pete Rose or Darryl Strawberry? who?
24....Mr. Rogers or that guy from Blues Clues? mr rogers was a bitter old man...
25.Whats your favorite piece of furniture? the couch in marci's office, great for napping
26.If you had to spend the rest of your life in a foreign city, which one would you choose? aruba. it's a ductch province. i'm going to retire there
27.If you had to spend the rest of your life homeless in a foreign city, which would you choose? probably london
28.What was the first album you bought? Willson Phillips, shadows and light
29.The first movie you saw: cinderella?
30.Movies you can see over and over and not get tired of? fifth element, empire, crouching tiger, seven, the matrix, star treks II, IV, VI, and VIII, the cell, dark crystal
31.Music you can listen to over and over and not get tired of? the controlls, poe, and that forsaken song from queen of the damned. oh, and garbage
32.Who had a better grip on reality, Orwell or Huxley? relity?
33....Poe or King? Poe
34.Heinlein or Dick? HEINLEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
35.What do you seem to be attracted to in another person? long long hair, nerd-ness.
36.What do you think your last words will be? FUCK!
37.What do you want to be on your headstone? taking a short break... be back in a few hundered years.
38.What do you want your funeral to be like? lots of black roses ::grin::.... oh wait, i want that NOW
39.What should you be doing now instead of this? GSA meeting

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