Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,

clarificastion points in my language....

dooom (atleast 3 "o") = score!, dude!, cool. it's a GOOD thing. occasionally it also means death and destrucation, which is also a good thing.

goth = not just the actual subculture of goths, but any subculture where you wear primarily black and there is alot of depressison, mopeing, angst, and/or rage. like dark metal culture. in my book they fall under the general heading of goth. the one exception to this is punks that dress in black. well, sometimes that's my exception. it depends on if the punk will actually kick my ass for it or not.

clarification point on the statement that i was going to become a lesbian, and there was a grandfather clause. -- the grandfather clause was mostly there for the benifit of alan, and the whole thing was mostly sarcastic. we all know my affection for boys (and the occasional man, but we all know how RARE those are...) and even though in theory i kinda wish i were a lesbian (other than just a really sucky one) i am not.

i don't know why i feel like i need to explain myself on my lj. but whatever.

and now for something completely different....

Which Chess Piece Are You?
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