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throw my heart in a steel box, lock it, throw away the key, and oh, weld it shut. [Mar. 2nd, 2002|11:16 am]
[emotional state |lonelylonely]
[song on the wind |Nine Inch Nails - Gone, Still]

i hate how people are ruled by other's emotions. or other people's potentential emotions. or the fear of negativity. i hate how i am therefore affected by it.

i hate that now i'm not going to have the chance to do something i normally don't have the guts to do, 'cause of other people not directly in the situation. i have the chance at something that could actually work, be based in something other than sex....

i am mad. i am sad.

::bursts into tears again::

i should stop before i get enraged again, and i do/type something i will regret....