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dude... i graduate today. ::grin::

i'm also going to be offline for, well, i will be back up sometime this weekend. i've decided that before moving my baby (yes i'm refering to the laptop... shush!) that i'm going to give her a bit of a nap. so come class time, i'm turning her off. if you need me, you should have my cellphone number. if you don't, you should have a way to get it... like through a mutual friend. if you can't, you don't need to get ahold of me that bad.

jen, we need to hang out. yes you.

oh, and there is always e-mail.

i may be connected again this afternoon, i just don't know. i might not care enough to connect again that soon.

that is all.

--kris aka the nchanter aka mademe psychosis aka bitch in black aka i just graduated highschool and you didn't so NEH!
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