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first time in 11 months of being the moderator of quotez that i've asked someone to take down a post. and i told them that it was a personal thing, but i then gave my reasoning and then i know i've been hanging around fang too much when i said "if you don't like it, tough. my house, my rules"

last night i went to see Count of Monte Christo with katie and james and it was good. like i want on dvd good. james and i then got chinese food in harvard sq, ran into one of his friends who i had hong out with a couple of times... she looked surprised to see me ::grin:: then we got back here around two. sunlight woke me up at like 8:30, and he left a little after ten 'cause he had a class at 11. stupid stupid harvard people. going to class. ::hump!::

so i think i'm going to new hampshire to see gwen and then tomorrow fang has organize another movie night. it has a vampire theame. don't know the times yet but i'm dragging alan along (or more he asked to come and i relented) and there will be the likes of other persons there.... all of who i'm not sure. most definately jen and a statik at sompoint. then saturday emily goo and i are going to cook at my apt. in here somewhere i'm supposed to be looking for a job. isn't that silly? it would be nice to find something like, 9-5 or 10-6 right here in watertown sq. maybe i'll go bumbleing around today as it is like 45 degrees and sunny. hmmm.... i was also going to check the watertown & arsonal malls. yea yea, i know. working at a mall. but i don't want to have to drive too far, i'm lazy. would be nice if i didn't have to drive at all. gas in my car is expensive.

ok, i think i'm going to go now.

dude... i'm still happy. this is insain. other than the cough, wich, according to alan's LJ i'm suspecting he gave it too me. grrr.....

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