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gir [Mar. 21st, 2002|06:02 pm]
[emotional state |sillysilly]
[song on the wind |little files of gir]

I am not this obssessed. however, my friend alex is (yes the tall cute fem goth one), and i know atleast one little girl who is. so this is a post entirely dedicated to...


"i just saw a squirrel"


"i'm gonna hug you..."

"i'm gonna sing the doom song now"

and now for sounds.... click on them!
say please
where's my moose?
yes. wait, no
and in honor of shawn... toast

want more? (i know you do jen) click on the big "gir" link. come on, i know you wanna....

on a completely related note... so i'm in new hampshire with gwen, and you would know that if you read my last entry or something like that, and we went to a store called headlines that has all sorts of cool stuff. i got a very gothy shirt and some candles and they were playing silly music while i was drooling over a dagger (they also sell swards and knives.... only in new hampshire...) and all of a sudden i heard "i'm gonna sing the doom song!" and then i heard the doom song and gwen just stared at me and i was all bouncy and it was all silly.

this has been my post dedicated entirely to gir we now return you to your regularly scheduled friends page.

From: original_fifi
2002-03-23 12:01 pm (UTC)

GIR GIR GIR GIR GIR GIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great joy.

Gir, why did you remove your guidance chip?
Make room for the cupcake!
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