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hmmm... so it's been a number of days since i updated.

- still don't have everything moved out of the dorm, but fairly closer

- still don't have internet on my computer ::grumble grumble::

- had and extreamely rose-tinted saturday night through monday night

- still don't have a job, still don't care.

- monday night on the bus back from the square the girl sitting next to us was on her cellphone and mentioned something about reading something on the other person's livejournal. hehe.

- still coughing.

- had a 40 minute conversation with brian today. it was really nice. i think i'm going to add him back to my friends list, as well as eric. i'm going to stop being a bitter ex girlfriend, as i haven't been towards either of them for atleast a month now.

- chilled with statik and griffin last night like driving aimlessly and talking about nothing. in my car. at like 2am griffin asked when i had to be back in the dorm by. i found this highly amusing, as i am sure he did too and as will some of you.

- my mother called me today saying "kris we got a call from holywood video and they said there is something out on an account and i thought we had that $65 charge from there cleared up" and i was like, "no ma, that's hollywood express that i forgot to return stuff at" and she's like "maybe they are owned by the same people" and i said "no ma, but your other doughter has an account at hollywood video" and she's like "no, my other doughter is an angel but i'm going to call the cusotmer service number and call you back" and it was a hollywood video in burke vriginia that the missing dvd's were from. and then she called me back again saying that my father wanted to re assure me that he was going to make sure kim had a friend over when they bitched her out about it, like they did when they bitched me out about the blockbuster video at the hotel when gwen was there. haha, there little princess is not compltely perfect. ::grin::

- still crazy

- still giddy about apartmenet and being gradumacated from csw.


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