Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,

went bumming around today trying to find a job. my application at home depot doesn't finish getting processed for 3 weeks, and i had to take a 72 question fill in the bubbles al la mcas or sol (depending on your state of residence) style thingy. so i went down to moody st. no "help wanted" signs, but as i was walking past the construction site (really cool independent toy store that specializes in building stuffs) and it said it moved down the street. it is now HUGE and i went in and wondered around and wished i was 7 and the guy was building something with connects and i asked him what it was and we got to talking and i said "you all wouldn't happen to be hiring would you?" and he said "actually we are" and i filled out an app and he was the manager (flaming, named craig) and asked when i could interview and so i have and interview their tomorrow at 2pm. i'm mad happy about this. i might not be board during the day. and it's not a place that's going to be open wicked late or anything. so yea. i'm also going to put an application in at the other store24 that is hiring in watertown sq. i really should do that sooner than later. and i might look in alston or something, as it's close. but it is alston.... and i could look in newton. and now i'm leaving so my roommates can have sex. i hpoe alan gets here soon.


my roomates are done having sex now and i'm allowed back on her computer. we need to get mine connected, like um... NOW!

so speaking of alston... i came home at like 3 from looking for jobs and as i was walking in annie was walking out. she grabbed me and we drove to alston to see her chineese herbalist lady, who's really korean, but anyways i have this really really sicky-sweet tea to take and 15 litte pills 3 times a day to get rid of this damned cough. annie has/had a sore throat, she coudl barely talk, and the lady did two acupuncture pricks on her thumbs and released some blood and all of a sudden annie could talk again and he throat was alot better. but it was all really really strange, and cool and new-age-y. yea.

ok, i'm done now.

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