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car decided not to start last night when i got to shawn's house, and he wasn't there. however, during my time of sitting there he arrived, 5 seconds after i got the car to start. never ended up calling AAA. did call my parents "dady, i want a new car. granted i have the newest car of most of my friends, but it keeps on breaking, buy me a new one." i have resigned myself to being a spoiled brat princess of a suburbanite. so then we chilled with statik. and then we went to kaos dan's apt and had a meeting. that was interesting. shawn fell asleep. so then dan had to go to work so statik and i dragged shawn's sleepy ass home and drove around and talked for a while. that was fun. that was insightful. it was refreshing. i knew exactly what he was talking about in terms of relationship stuff, how he felt, etc. and he used a star trek analogy. and then we talked about star trek. i'm glad shawn was out of the car then. he would have given us so much shit. and then the clock turned all 3's and so i dropped statik off and i went back home. and now i'm awake and i really don't want to drink that nasty tea stuff. yes i know it will make me feel better. no i don't care. ::grumble grumble::

1) What's their name? alan eldrad
2) What's their age? 18
3) Looks? GELFLING (and he has such wing envey)
4) Are they cute? adorable
5)Where did you two meet? at school. my first memory of him is him playing speed chess as a freshman with tam. he was a really really big dork. he still is a big dork. except he's not short and he's sweet and he's MY big dork.


1) How far have you two gone? ::grin::
2) Who's more experienced? Me
3) Have you guys, ya know, done it yet? IT? you mean sex??? yes.
4) Who's more sensitive to the touch? depends on each of out moods
5) Does he/she give good hugs? yes
6) Five physical traits: (in no particular order)
eyes: greenish... which is weird 'cause both of his parents have blue eyes
eyelashes: meow?
hands: long and thin, almost a feminine quality to them. almost
shoulders/neck: collerbone....
tummy: FLAT


1) Is he/she romantic? romantic?????
2) What part of his/her personality attracted you to him first? long blond beautiful hair. and he isn't a moron.
3) What's his/her best trait(s)? he's SUCH goodness at cuddling
4) He/she isn't like some dominating control freak right? no, that's me
5) What's the cutest thing about him/her? he's a gelfling. i swear.
6) Annoying? at times..but who isn't?
7) What does he/she do that makes you feel REALLY good? when i'm in a bad mood i watch star trek. he curls up behind me and is really interested and asks questions and notices little things and um... yea.
8) Makes you want to cry? no
9) What he/she (has) done/does that REALLY, REALLY makes a huge impact? he's pacient with me.
10)Does he/she make you happy? yea.
11) Do you remember the EXACT moment you fell for him/her? i've known him for 4 years. so sometime in the last year or so i would say.
12) Have you ever seen him/her cry? no
13) Has he/she seen you cry? yes
14) What does he/she say/do that always makes you smile? "i'm innocent"
15) How long have you been together? 3 and a half months.... officially. un officially... on and off for 5 or so?
16) How long do you think you two will be together? i do not know what the future holds and i will not pretend to we are in a transition stage, the nature of our relationship is changing. but so far it doesn't look like either of us are going anywhere.

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