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using my "only real people (not communities)" filter it took me to the point of skip=100 to read all of the post i missed in the past two days. in the past two days i played pool with clint and tim, saw chris clint and tim, drove tim's car, and apparently after i got the hang of his low-to-the-floor-contact-point-clutch i did a bit better than chris does. then i went to salem yesterday with fang, statik, and kaos. met kaos's girl. dude, she faile. met statik's girlfriend (yes, you read that right) and she was cool. kaos drove my car back to the boston area (yes we were all inside) he doesn't exactly have a license, but we didn't get pulled over and i was lazy and we were in glochester by that point and i didn't know where the hell we were, so yea.

today i have to call the manger (craig) at the construction site back (store is 200 moody st.) and hope that i got hired. job. money. lego's. yummy. after that fang and i are going to find walmarts or targets or both and play. today is also alan's capstone presentation. i don't think i'm going. it's going to be boring. however, i think i actually get to SEE my gelfling. maybe i'll wear ariel's wings for the occasion :-) "i have such wing envy"
and he's innocent too.

ok, this post is desintigrating, time for me to go.

--mademe psychosis

oh, hopefully kaos is coming over tomorrow and making it so i get internet on MY computer, so my computer will be more than just a thing i get to watch and play things on. hmm... should start burning off star trek so i can dl more of that, and sex and the city, and other cool series so i can watch things.

ok, i'm really done this time.

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