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going to see resivoir dogs tonight with shawn. last night i hung out with shawn, jen, kelly, dan (kaos dan, not dan persons) and alan. shawn was in the cargo hold of my car. decided to hit the speed limiter (100mph) on rt 3 going to the cape was probably NOT the best of ideas... probably... since alan and i were the only ones in seatbelts and shawn was not in a seat. but hey, i spotted the one cop we would have passed going 85 and i was going 65 whence passing him, and it's a 60mph road and it was like, 1 am. so i was good. we went to shawn's little hidaway village, he got to be nastalgic, not as nastalgic as when him, eric and i went 8 or 9 months ago, 'cause it was cold out, and jen's hair was up so her ears were cold. god she's pritty, i forget that. anyways. so then we went to the bickfords in brainstree and statik met us. statik drove dan home, so i wouldn't have to get lost in somerville, as i always do around dan's variouse apartments. i drove the rest home. was not awake enough to drive when alan needed me to drive him home. i like living by public transportation. um...yea. finishing cleaning out dorm room today dennis called and threated to throw everything out. he's an asshole. always and forever. ::tear::

anywas... i'm gonna go now.

have fun with your weekends kids, and don't do anything i wouldn't do which would be what...??? shush!

--mademe psychosis
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