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so sometime last night or late yesterday Elaine Ofeish dieded from complications of some sort of rare form of liver cancer that had spread to all parts of her body. two weeks ago i was told she had 6 months. a little over a month ago she started getting sick and went into the hospital somewhere around SanFran while visiting her brother. Elaine was 59 (ish) and had no spouse or children. She is, however, or was, my great aunt. the 2nd youngest of 13 children. 18 years younger than my grandmother. she spent christmass and thanksgiving with our part of the family as far back as i can rember. she lived with my great grandmother until her death when i was like, 5 or so. i am going to pensilvania for a viewing and the funeral sometime later this week.

in all honesty she was a bitter, nosey, cranky, not-so-old.... yea.... and she disaproved of what i was, so i'm not... i dunno... mixed emotions. i'm not going to really miss her, like i would if my grandmother, god protect and bless her, died, but she's been a part of my family life forever. me, my sister, and our cousins are the closest she came to having grandchildren. not that she spoiled us, but out of all her siblings children we were the ones she paid most attention to.

i dunno. i'm all, i feel like i should feel worse, and i don't not feel bad, and it's going to be WEIRD at christmass and thanksgiving and any other time i go up there. and i've never been to a funeral before. and stupid judgemental conseravtive relatives are going to be there, it's going to suck. horribly. i dunno. i guess right now i'm going numb...
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