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ok. low down on my life... or schedule. going to pittsburgh for viewing, funeral, etc. on wednesday. leave my apt 6:30 am. flight lands in boston on thursday at 12:06am (i'm seriouse... hehe) not working friday. working saturday, 1:30->10. sunday off... wildthings meeting. check out how hot i look under the cast & crew section. shameless plug wildthings v2.0 hompage everyone goes there. anyways... yea. monday & tuesday & thursday & friday of that week i work 9:45->6:15. saturday i work closing again. actually, this saturday i may work open... need to double check. booking flight for pittsburgh was excruciating. if it wasn't for a death i would have to have paid $1000. fun. cheppest direct i coudl find. connection wouldn't work 'cause it would have been too much time traveling. plus cheepest near fesable connection was $850. now i need to go. i'm kinda all frazzled right now. meow.
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