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i didn't go to work today. i went to the dr to get antibiotics for a… - The Mad Ramblings of Nchanter — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 16th, 2002|03:21 pm]
[emotional state |soresore]
[song on the wind |shpongle -- around the world in a tea daze]

i didn't go to work today. i went to the dr to get antibiotics for a urinary tract infection. blood NOT from my uterus is icky... well more scary than the blood from my uterus. that means that i am going to work on friday. but at noon and not at 10 (thank the lord). my boss, craig, is really kinda cool & understanding. after talking to the dr, i have pap & other gyno related stuff appt. for wednesday. this is good. i've had 5 partners and no gyno. bad krissy. go sit in the corner. and i have multiple partners now, which means i'm more suseptable to getting things like urinary tract infections. so i just need to be more careful. oh well. it forces me to do a few things to take care of my body that i should be doing anyways. like go get more cranberrie juice. annie went with me to the dr 'cause we thought they might do an std & an HIV check for good measure and i'm not good with blood being drawn esp with a dr's office i don't know. but if there is any blood to be drawn, it will be next wednesday. unfortunately i don't have anyone to accompany me. the only people i can think might be free at 11am next wednesday are shawn and statik. um... no. not to a gyno. and i'm sure they would agree. oh well, i can be a big girl.

so yea. that was my day so far. sounds like fun, right? yea, that's what i thought.