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i had a day off today. i had a pap (ugh) and then hung around kaos's… - The Mad Ramblings of Nchanter — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 25th, 2002|02:43 am]
i had a day off today. i had a pap (ugh) and then hung around kaos's apartment doing rocky stuff for two hours, went home to get the dvd i borrowed from him and my laptop, and then picked up fang. took an hour and a half. ::ugh:: then was at kaos's doing variouse things for another 8 and a half hours, including watching a nights tale. We casted our little group of psycho's as characters in the movie. Dan was the hero-guy (just 'cause he kept on getting beaten or something) Shawn was Geoffry Chauncer, AJ was the red-head guy, Statik was the big guy always dishing out advice and never doing any real work. I was the blacksmith chick who comes into the story later on and is a blacksmith, female taking on a traditionally male role and hanging out with men instead of other women. also somewhat feministic :-). Jason evil "i'm going to make a hate websight at dan" Jason was the evil guy. we couldn't figure out any of dan's ex's or currents to fill the role of the pricess-y type character 'cause she was more bad ass than any of them. he tried to convince us that alli could be bad ass but shawn and i weren't buying it. The prince of wales was Alex Savitzky, Director of the Harvard Square/Full Body cast. Movies are so much more interesting to watch when you cast it with your friends. 'cause it was SO true about 89% of the time.

that is my post for today. yea, it sucked. deal with it.