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we danced in graveyards, with vampires till dawn...

day sucked. reffer to last post. i was also in the icky part of the store for 6 hours. and its dreary out. i also got into a fight 'cause of misunderstandings or miscommunication or paranoia or SOMETHING over e-mail that i really didn't want to fight over. it was... i dunno... now i'm tired and cranky, but am going to go cheer up a friend. i don't know how that's going ot work. i was supposed to go to a play tonight at harvard with james. didn't have the energy. he's coming over afterwards. also, tom didn't come into work today, which sucks, 'cause he always lightens up the mood. and 'cause therefore i was the only one opening. and i came home and jer was bitching about pam. and now i'm bitching to a friend who's not involved with but knows all the players about all the stuff i want to bitch about but can't on LJ. makes me feel better, esp since he has a lower opinion of them than i do.

give me life, give me pain, give me myself again

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