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1. Your name? Kris
2. Age? 19</>
3. Birthday? December 1st, 1982
4. What kind of pants are you wearing right now? pants? i'm in boxers
5. Who is your best friend? go look at previouse survays
6. What's ur favorite quote? "They said your body was young but your mind was very old"
7. Do u have a b/f or g/f? two, actually
8. Who is ur crush? there is this guy...
9. Your s/n? AIM: Nchanter X
10. What time is it now? 10:15 am
11. Fav Songs? poe -- control, the controls -- terrified of nothing, moloko -- butterfly 747
12. Fav Singers? Poe, The Contorls, VAST, Moloko, tori amos
13. Person to be with? Shawn, Statik, Gwen, Alan, James, Chloe
14. #? 17, 42, 325
15. Color? black, purple, silver
16. Friend of opposite sex? um.... Shawn? oh my god that's scary
17. Movie? Fifth Element, empire records, the cell, raise the red lantern
18. Enemy? yes
19. Hobby? does sex count?
20. Teacher? satan, anne, mrs. p, lori taylor
21. Chocolate or Vanilla? chocolate
22. Shorts or Pants? pants
23. Brother or Sister? little sis
24. Winter or Summer? Summer
25. Friday 0r Monday? Fridays
26. Kiss or Hug? kiss
27. Crush or b/f? yes
28. ps2 or dreamcast? meow?
29. Mom or Dad? dad
30. Basketball, Soccer, or Baseball? no
Have You Ever?
31. Fell in love? yes
32. Got in a fight? yes
33. Cried over a boy? yes
34. Had sex? yes
35. Gone to a porn sight? yes
36. Tempted to kill yourself? no
37. Peed ur pants (at an older age): no
38. Lied to your bestfriend? yes
39. Cheated on b/f | g/f? yes
40. Ate a worm? no
41. Got drunk? yes
42. Got high? yes
43. What do u think of the person who sent this to u? yes
44. Would you ever go out with them? no
45. Who do you think wont reply? meow
46. Who is most likely to reply? meow
48. Do u watch Disney movies? yes
49. Slept in your mommys bed? yes, when i was little
50. Got really scared and cried? yes, and i'm the one who killed him
51. Cried because of someone you love? yes
52. Do you have any pets? yes, his name is alan
53. Fav animal? snake
54. Do you like to play an instrument? no
55. Are you attracted to the same sex? yes
56. Do you like to dance? no
57. What do you do for fun? fun
58. Did you think this was boring? yes
59. what time is it? 11:00am
60. What's your most embarrassing moment? meow
61. Do you have a crush on more than 1 person? i'm </b>dating</b> more than i person, so yes
62. Who was your longest crush? meow
64. How many kids do you want? no
65. Who do you plan on marrying? no
66. Where are you gonna live? yes
67. Where do you wanna go for your honey moon? honeymoon?
68. What color car will you drive? BLACK, or silver
69. Pepsi or Coke? coke
71. Sprite or 7 up? no
72. Strawberry or Cherry? Cherry
73. Sexy or Cute? yes
74. Cat or Dog? no
75. Hair color? Chemical Black
76. Eye color? brown
77. Short or Tall? tallish
78. Shoe size? 7
79. Boxers or Briefs? boxers
80. Cheetos or Doritos? no
81. Hot or Cold? Hot
82. Books or Movies? yes
83. Harry potter or Pothead? no
84. Freak dance or Slow dance? yes
86. Are you happy its over? yes
87. What final time is it? 11:05am

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