Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,

at the present time i have decided to inform y'all that i am working monday though friday, 9:45 -> 6:15 the next two weeks. wow, it's almost as if i had a real job. however, not this weekend, but next weekend, i will be in virginia for my mother's graduation and mother's day. shit, that means i really should buy her something. :-/ what do i get for her? anyways, my flight is out of logan at noon on saturday and i come back kinda late sunday, not as rediculousely late as when i did that whole going to pennsilvania for a funeral athing, but not early either. i hate having my weekends occupied by such stupidity. i also am already getting board with this job. i like it when we are buissy. i am a hyper-productive person. i need to be doing stuff when i'm not out partying/socializing/cuddling with a cute boy/girl. so if anyone has any projects they want me to help them on, by all means, i like it when i have too much on my plate. ok, i might gripe, but i feel more fufilled if i am exaughsted from something other than working in a toy store. it's still a cool toy store, but it's not buissy all that much during the day.

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