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so my phone turned itself off in the fashion that it does and when i turned it back on at like, 10 or whenever i left dan's and called james i had like, 20000 voice mails. the first of which was form an admissions lady at emerson!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she saw that i was on the wait list and was wondering if i was still itnerested and so on and so forth and wanted to talk to me about admission and i'm calling her back durign lunch tomorrow and i think that i'm going to be goign to emerson this sept. yea! and i'm tired so i don't sound as excstatic as i am. i am now going to go sleep on the futon in james's dorm 'cause he's sick and he wants to sleep here tonight and it's not like we'd be doing anything other than sleeping at my apt anyways so we don't reallly need the added privacy. i dont' feel as comforatable being as naked soo.... yea. ::yawn:: i'm going ot bed now.


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