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eric's couch [May. 28th, 2001|03:59 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[emotional state |dorkydorky]
[song on the wind |star trek -TNG]

i'm not even sure if i've moved from this couch in the last 24 hours. ok i have, but not much. eric and i have been watching star trek movies and TNG episodes fro the past 24 hours. tova came over at ten last night. i think we took a few hours off for a half assed attempt at sleep. it's been fun. i'm such a dork.

we started with star trek II, wrath of khan. then we watched first contact, TNG movie with the borg, and the cute "borg queen" next we watched the episode with tasha and the enterprise C and the time rift. then we watched "the best of both worlds, both one and two." today we've watched a whole slew ofg stuff... including "tin man"and currently we are watching "disaster." i know all of these... not as well as eric, who is the one who taped them... he has been reciting lines. this episode is the epitomy of "worst case senerios"

ok... as i have now sufficiently bored everyone... i'll stop.

this weekend has been fun. not just because i've been allowed to indulge my trekki-ness, but the genmeral laid-back attitude i have when hanging around eric. he makes me happy....

i should go back to paying attention to TNG.

i'm really happy. this is so unusual, but good. i'm liking this happy thing.

did i mention i'm bringing eric to the boat dance? yes i'm playing with fire, but hell, we'll be in the middle of the harbor. chloe and her boy are coming to. i effectively have three dates. i'm so popular!

i don't want to go back to the dorm tonight. too much negative energy here. i like the positive energy bubble surroundign eric. BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm watching star trek, posting a LJ entry on eriç laptop that has a wireless ethernet connection. i'm just as much of a dork as he.... hehehe