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i should be asleep. i should have gone to bed tonight. like even as late as me getting home at 4:30 am. but i hate sleeping alone. so i'm awake still . it's getting light out. i'm not going into work tomorrow (today?) i'm calling in sick. i don't care. i'm deserving. i need a day off. i need to fuckin' SLEEP, and do laundry, and get a bank account and a palm piolet and dvd's and play with a beautiful boy. i'm not particular to which one.

and i saw spiderman tonight with fang and statik and aj. dooooom i liked it. if anyone who has yet to see it wants to see it, i'm game. then we ended up going ot the cape. don't ask me how. i was just going to drive aj's ass home, and then him and fang to D&D game, and then statik came down with us and somehow we ended up at hideaway village, again. hehe. we are destined to be there, i know it. we WILL get a litle cottage for a weekend and it WILL rock. i just know it.

::yawn:: ok, crash for a little bit, wake up, call in sick to work, call in sick to tom, then get sleep. um... james, call me? thank you!

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