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my princess has a livejournal. prettypinkpixie. for those of you who haven't ever heard of lauren, she's like, one of 3 friends i have from home. i've known her since like, 5th or 6th grade, and she was my best friend in middleschool. we know eachother 'cause of a kid i went to school with in the gifted program named jeff doneligh who lived down the street from her, but we ended up goign to the same church once my family switched churches and became close that way. one of my biggest regrets about havign to leave home was i felt like i was abandoning her. i never get to see her, my mother hates her (though she is like the ONLY reason i made it through middle school, and she helped me to find my spirituality back when i was a christian. and a note for my group of psycho's.... she was around when i became aware the first time, back in the day.) she's going through hard times, and we were talking, and it was like, she didn't know i was poly, she didn't really know who alan or james were, and i was like "ok, i need to keep better tabs on you girl and vice versa" so since i'm a paid member now i have codes and i gave one to her. though for those of you who are NOT paid members there is talk right now within paidmember community and so on about weather or not codes are going to be eliminated (most of the people i know that joined joined pre-code era) 'cause they (the main developers) hate being known as a service that warrents invite codes, and some people are like "they are just out to get money" um hum. that's it. sorry for the inane babbling. my princess has a LJ. dooooom!

also, lauren is the first person i ever allowed to call me krissy. at first i didn't allow her, but she was the frist person i concented to it with.

[added at 5:30] and lauren is the person who took the roll of pics that i use in all my LJ pictures, which i'm going to be updating soon, as i now have TEN instead of THREE
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