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i went to csw today. as i was driving to work from leaving csw, i did some math. i had to be at work at 12:30, and we close at 8. hmmmmm..... that doesn't 22-12.5 > 8. shit........... i probably was supposed to be in at 11:30. first thing i do when i get to work was check the schedule. fuck, i was an hour late to work, though all of my bosses were in a meeting, had been since 11.... hmmm... so is today going to be a good day to tell them that i'm only working here another month and at that i want to cut back my hours? hmmm... didn't think so. but maybe. i still want to work day, i just would prefer working 6 or 7 hours a day 4 days a week, as i no longer have to worry about possibly needed benifits or anything. 'cause i'm going to college! dooooooooom!

so i saw bunches of people today. i realized that i only really care about a few of them, and even moderately care about a few less. the people i am definately getting graduation presents for:

Marcus (yes i know he already graduated. shush!)

i might also get something little like for amy, casey, and maybe ms. weissman.

all graduation presents will be coming from the toy store i work at. =) marcus, i know EXACTLY what i'm getting you. the rest of you, not sure yet. waiting to see if anything new and cute comes in... but i have a few ideas. yes, you are ALL getting toys and there is nothing you can do about it.

hmmmm.... my boss seems to be hovering.... i'm going to get offline now.


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