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[May. 8th, 2002|07:43 pm]
[emotional state |amusedamused]
[song on the wind |"a-your adorable b-your so beautiful..."]

anyone who wants to see something get really amusing really fast? go look at the entry's for this day on my livejournal.

in other news sam visited me at work today. YEA! we went and go thai-ish food at the asian grill on moody st. that made me so happy. i also talked to my boss today, about when i can work and such.

not next week, since the schedule was already made, but after that i cut down to 4 days a week. 5 was... a little much. i want more breathing room, and since i got into collage, i can do that now! i'm still working 8 hour days, and i'll probably work one closing a week, though never fridays and i think he'll keep me off of saturdays. june 14th is the last day i am working a 4 day-a-week 8-hours-a-day schedule. past then i said that i couldn't really work, maybe one or two nights a week from 6-8. yea, two hours, not a big deal. paychecks won't = 100, but hey, it's cash, and i like working here. the 8th module starts on the 26th, that's a wednesday (for those of you who don't know, the 8th module is the thing i work at at my school.) i work FULL time starting on the 24th, that's a monday, for like, ummm...6 weeks. through like, the 2nd of august. then i'm free until freshman orientation and school and stuffs. so yea. now i'm going ot go... i get to go home soon!