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i'm very very happy that alan decided to come over last night. i was in a pissy enough mood that i very well may have broken up with him if he hadn't shown up. i'm quite glad that he did. as he did remind me, the break up probably woudln't have lasted long, but it still would have sucked. i'm glad i didn't break up with him. =) i also like waking up to him in the mornings. happyness.

for anyone who doesn't know, i had a really shitty day yesterday. like really shitty. part of it was 'cause i was sick. part of it was 'cause i'm a fuck up, and don't know when to give in. part of it was i was lonely and i had no one to cuddle with. and if you don't know what i'm talking about with the fuck up part, it's probably going to stay that way. i'm sorry to one person and one person only for that. that's all that needs to be said.

i'm not going to work today. it will just drain me way too much.
at somepoint i will probably call tom or work or something. maybe i won't, and i'll just make them figure it out for themselves. i'm still running an almost-temperature, and i sound like shit. the throat isn't so bad, so i'm not too worried, but i need to go home tomorrow (just for one night) and i can't stand flying when i'm sick. the one time i had a panic attack in the airport i was sick.


i'm going to go now.


ps. on a brighter note i now own ocean's 11, empire records, and the animated series of clerks on dvd.

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