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[May. 20th, 2002|03:50 am]
[emotional state |tiredtired]

augh! i have so much to say, not enough energy, not enough of it i can write.

was schitzo for a little while tonight. was fun, until the wrong side came out. i could not be touched for a while. at all. cuddle-slut krissy went bye bye

rehersal was.... interesting

my two bits on theatre at csw.... awwww.. fuck it, i'm gone. but for all of you out there, i've known a number of alumni to come back who only did theatre at csw, and tried to do it afterwards, and they had NO clue what they were doing, 'cause robin didn't give them the skills they needed. and no these aren't just kids who did the productions, they took both her classes and classes tought by lisa. some of the stuff that lorie does teaches y'all how to act. i should know, in oustsiders in shakespeare we did some silly stuff, but we did real charachter work too. she knows what she's doing. also, when was the last time robin refreshed her skills? teachers need to continue to learn to become good, stay good, etc. last i heard she's been doing things the same way for far too long. i live with someone who graduated from CSW before any of us got there, except for chloe. robin had not refreshed her style in a while. that's key. that's one thing she could do to help her existance. take classes. martha continues to take classes. the teachers in the english dept and history depts continue to read. you know, if you don't keep current, you start to suck. that's just one thing. i'll stop now.

i love my group of psychos. i really need to buy us a house. maybe then people would stop mooching off of me for food ::grin::

saw episode II. amusing. actually had some point to it, vs episode I.

met cole, alan's friend. cole was silly. cole rocked. alan has friends as crazy as mine. wheeeee!

[User Picture]From: agracru
2002-05-20 05:53 pm (UTC)
i've known a number of alumni to come back who only did theatre at csw, and tried to do it afterwards, and they had NO clue what they were doing, 'cause robin didn't give them the skills they needed.

Please don't take offense, but if someone took high-school level theater classes and expected (or is/was expected) to run or perform in theater afterwards, then they deserve to fail. Could Robin do better at teaching her people? Probably. I have no basis for context because I've never taken real theater with her before (I'm taking Pocket Players right now and I can say she's doing a fine job of directing my fat ass around stage, but then again it's different from your traditional theater). But I doubt the existence of people who did theater in high school and went on to do theater in the outside world, and truly succeed. They probably didn't want it if they were willing to only go through high school theater. If they really wanted to do theater they would go to a college wherein they could focus on improving on what they know- and if you mean they tried to do it in college but had no idea what they were doing, then that's not a huge deal because colleges need to be prepared to take on beginners anyways.

Again- could Robin be doing a better job? Probably. I agree that teachers need to keep up and change their styles to truly be good productive teachers. However, if someone graduates from CSW and tries to do theater based only on what they learned from Robin, then any failure they have is fault of their own.

Blessings and serenity,
A Very Sick Andy
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[User Picture]From: nchanter
2002-05-20 09:30 pm (UTC)
hon, they aren't given the skills to do it in COLLEDGE

and i know PLENTY of kids who do "Real" theatre streight out of highschool. it's not "i'm making a liveing" theatre out of highschool, as only tech kids can do that. and yes, it is possible to do that.

but it is not the fault of the student who was told that the school they were attending had a good theatre program, and took advantage of it too the hilt, then not beable to float through in college. it's a fault of the school. and if it's a result of an incompetant director/head of theatre dept, then the school should really look at what they are doing, and where their priorities are.

oh, and i'm petrified to do theatre in college after working with her so bloody long. my comfort in this area is marth, lisa, and my summers at interlochen. had i not been a boarder i would have donw outside theatre as well.
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[User Picture]From: asciikitty
2002-05-21 06:02 am (UTC)
ok, you're right, but i am the exception to that rule- i went from doing exclusively theater at CSW and semi-professional high-school shakespeare to professional theater. that's the wrong order, because you start to cry when you go back to college and realize that you are now doing college theater again, but it is possible to go right from high school theater to professional, if you have a smallish buffer...

and yes, i am Kris' roomate. if anything Robin has gotten more inflexible over that last several years.

she has, however, allowed independent student directed pieces in the past (i've worked on two) and in fact AIDED independent student directed pieces- without making them into RObin WOod productions.

and that's all i really have to say

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