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hmmmm..... my weekend. friday manray with james, dan, and jaquie (opeth, sinnner, chaoticdeep). s aturday woke up with the james, then gwen (itych) came over and we went to boat dance. after that we went to crump's (agracru) for a party with MANY PEOPLE. amy, katie, casey, james, evan, evan, jay, gwen, mike, marcus, goo, alan, kiva, janet, freshman, and probably some others i am forgetting. i'm NOT typing all those LJ tags. i'm exaughsted. i'm goign to go over fangs.

one of these days i'll write a kris-like entry again. in the mean time be secure in the knowledge that i found an afordable black metal bed with a footbord and hearbord with rods that is pritty. mommy gave me the credit card number. which reaminds me, i should REALLY look into tool tickets. also, i learned that orientation for emerson doesn't start until the 3rd of sept. meaning i have the entirety of august off. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.................
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