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sometimes, my parents just infuriate me. "dad, i need a credit card, since mine isn't working, to boy tickets to a show sooner-than-later so i can GET some." "no kris, you need to figure out if it coencides with school or not." "dad, i'm sure it doesn't. nor with work" "let me talk to mom about it."

we play phone tag for the next three days. can't get two tickets togeather in boston, let alone 4. i CAN get tickets in manchester, but shitty seats for way too much money. moral delemma, is it worth it? and while i'm typing this those tickets are probably going so fuck it, i don't need to see TOOL. yes i do. i do i do i do. i really should tell alex that if someone bails on him i'll go with him (he got eh tickets in boston. i would pay for shitty tickets in boston. manchester..... baugh!)

oh well. it was a nice idea. blah. i'm not one for big shows anyways. though it IS TOOL. baugh. i'm sad now.
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