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i'm writing an entry right before i go to lunch

as soon as i am resolved with one of my friends, i get mad at another. statik and i are fine again, i think. i forget that i love him and need him when he's off being an asshole. i also forget that i can talk to him about stuff that i can't with fang, like sex. fang goes "ewww" every 5 seconds. statik does not.
i think i'm mad at marcus at the minute. yes marcus, i am going to call you and talk to you about this, i'm not sure how i'm feeling at the moment. blah.

so jer is moving out of the apartment. i think, in general, pam will then be in a much better mood. and tom is miming that he can't get through the little "rail yard protal." now i'm going to lunch. i'll finish this entry later
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