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oh, and no, i'm not jealouse. FUCK YOU.

.it's that time again kids. i was hopeing to avoid it. i think i went a pritty little ways without saying it

Hi. My name is Kris. This is MY LiveJournal. I write what i am feeling at whatever time i am in front of a livejournal cleint and i hit post and 99% of the time anyone with a web-browser can see what i've written. it's kinda neat. however, some people don't like what i write in my journal. sometimes they forget that it's MY journal, and i write what i like. if you don't like what i write in my journal don't read it no, i'm not going to change it for you, even though you may be special, even though i really care about you. Yes i may be a bitch for it. you know what, deal with it! my journal, my rules.

this has been a not-so-friendly annoncement made to you by me, kris, the author of this pritty little thing. i hope you have been informed. now back to your regularly scheduled friends page.
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