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ME--what else should this be about???

my day (so far)

a and b block were spent in the nurses office, i was wicked sick when i woke up.

c block, field trip to waltham

after c block, called alex. supposedly he's comign over... though 3 hours later i still havent' heard from him... i'm giving him another hour or so. then i'm inviting someone else to come over. being in the nurses office means you can't sign out that night.

dorm parents didn't believe that chloe's mom called in the first time, so chloe and i had her mom call in and clear that up with the dorm parents that know her. i'm going to falmouth after the boat dance. YEA! (eric's coming too)

um... still caughing...

yea. it's been LOTS of fun.

mmm... OREO's. great for when your sick

the dorm is really lonely right now... :(

i should be cleaning/packing, but i'm sick

yea. so far. i REALLY believe it is going to go up-hill
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