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the "N" quiz

Name: Kris
Nicknames: Hippy, The Nchanted One
Nicest thing ever said about you: That i was one of the most real people that they knew
Nastyest thing ever said about you: Some variation of slut, but much much worse
Newest article of clothing: hmmm.... the corest? no no! the cords with studs that everyone likes
Next person you are going to speak to: either AJ when he stops by or pam if she comes out of her room
Neatest (cleanest) room in your house: certaintly not the kirchen, or my room. probably the meditation room
Neatest (coolest) room in your house: once thefurniture arrives, my room
Next movie you are planning on seeing:Metropolis, next weekend.
Newest addition to your friendslist:theobviouschild
Nail color at moment: Natural
Natural hair color:very close to black
Nearest friend's house: well, it's a toss up between sam and james as they live about 6 feet from eachother
Nicest person on your friends list: oh, so you think my friends are nice do you ::grin:: in all honesty, maybe clydemyman
Newest movie in your collection:Run Lola Run (yes, more subtitles) and Rumble Fish
Next time i leave the house i am going....: To pick-up james. the idea of gracery shopping has FAILED.
Naughtyest place you ever had sex: i'm boring, i haven't had sex in any interesting places. i guess the dorm counts.
Name Nine of your closest friends: Iris, Gwen, Shawn, Statik, James, Alan, Dan, Jen, and Chloe
Name of your third grade teacher Mrs Weiss. No her first name was not Janet.
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