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that was a bad idea

if i ever EVER again say i'm going to vics house, remind me that you will shoot me if i do

he was on e. he was being all flirty and stuff. paul left, leaving us alone. we started playing alittle. somewhere along the line he got the idea that he was a dom and all of a sudden he stopped. he "just couldn't do this"


hell, clothes weren't off and he shut down. and then i started crying. and i don'tknow why well i do but i didn't then and he went over to his littledrugtable blew a couple of lines called noah noah was going to come over and they were going to do shots but in the mean time he wanted to be alone he kicked me out after shutting me down i feel like such a slut right now for three years he's been trying to talk me into being a fuck friend And now he realised he cares too much

all i wanted was to curl up with someone safe

i always forget how drugged out he's become.....

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