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stole this from ithych it's short so everyone who has ever filled one out, or not, should fill it out.

Full name: kristen marie "tie your shoes" snyder
Why they named you that : i would have to talk to them to know that
What they almost named you instead: see above answer
Date and place of birth: December 1st, 1982 Akron, Ohio
Astrological sign: Sagittariouse
Totem animals: ANything Reptilian
Natural hair and eye color: dark brown and brown
Birthmarks/unusual features: none that alan or i can think of
Scars (from what?): i think all of them have faded....
Favorite part of your body: back.
Least favorite part of your body: stretch marks on the thighs
What you are wearing: my dragon bell bottoms and the black dress i always wear over pants that toby use to yell at me for doing and griffin gives me shit for doing.
What you wish you were wearing: fishnet
Why you’re not wearing it (fool): i was at csw doing work today. i try not to wear fishnet when i'm pretending to be grown up
Favorite undergarment: the stringy pair of underwear that say sexy in rhinestones... or the corset
Your favorite...
Brand of root beer: So there is this micro-brewery in northern virginia... they brew their own root beer. just on principal it's my favorite (sweetwater tavern, for anyone from nova)
Pizza place: you know... there was a pizza stand at camp where you could get a large pizza with two toppings for $7. it was really some of the best pizza i had ever had
Kitchen appliance: cheese grater. man's gift to the food of the gods.
Transportation: anythign fast and shiny
Weapon: shawn
Constellation: southern cross
Thing to put in your mouth: alan or james
80’s movie: total recall
color of M&M: green ;-)
Person who you...
Don’t want to meet in a dark alley: Mr Rodgers... sketchy sketchy man. or JS
Think is a despicable human being: i plead the fifth on that one
Last told to go to hell: probably marcus
Want to see drunk: I think Jesse Scott would make a hilarious drunk
Wish would bathe more frequently: anyone who ever lived in the barn
Think would be cool if ( ): Olivia, if she wasn't a drunk and still had purple hair
Need to have a serious talk with: marcus, fang, maybe coureton
Last ate ice cream with: james
Regret losing the friendship of: I've missed Kristina Fen for 5 years. Toby on my bad days.

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