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should dye hair puple today. might. was going to yesterday. got distracted by the elvin boy. went to providence last night. again. we had fun. though now something is bothering me, and i'm debating weather to put it on my lj or not. if i do it'll be after a lj cut. i'm usually not THAT public about this stuff.... but it's bothering me. alot. ok... here is goes

so someone i'm dateing has never had a blowjob. he kinda wants one... we had a discussion about it. i said... "eh... i dont' think so... not from me... but your allowed to go elsewhere to get one." so i also told fang about this. so when in providence last night it came up, somehow, probably 'cause i started a discussion on masterbation. and statik and dan were egging me on to do it. and last night he asked again. and i don't know... part of me is like "i'm his girlfriend, i should" and part of me is like "ummmm... no....." and it's not like i haven't done it before, i just haven't done it in a while. it's a little bit degrading, not nearly as intimite as sex, and it's not like i ever asked him to eat me out. actually, i usually asked him NOT to. and i don't know. i need to vent, and advice, and whatever thoughts are floating through anyone's head about this. and i hope he doens't get upset that i posted this. but hey, i just needed to get this out, and if he can't deal, well, tough. though i do love him.

oh... and Mage.... 4pm at alan's. yea for central square.

ok.. i'm done now.
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