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this week has been a series of dissapointments and surprises. like the past 7 days, not this current calender week. actually, today is wednesday, make that 8 days. we're starting with last tuesday. but as i might have the right to be royally pissed off... as i am delting numbers from my cellphone that a months ago i called on a regular basis.... i'm not sad. well, i'm not too sad. i love my job... the one at csw. for anyone who doens't know i don't work at the toystore anymore (retail sucks). i am no longer a part of a rocky cast, which is why i'm going on sat with jayna to FBC. why am i no longer a part of a rocky cast? dan turned the cast over. i was doing it as a favor to him, and then later, for statik. if someone else is in charge of the cast i have no interest doing it. yes, with dan gone, i could grab all this power. i don't want it. i'm going to emerson in the fall. not just to college. if i were going to emerson even for marketing or something, i might consider staying with it. but i'm going for theatre. and maybe all my weekends won't be taken up my freshman year. but i don't want to be put in a position of running something that's not real theatre (it's not) and then have to quit because i'm in a program to get a BFA in stage management and production. (why is the F bold, you ask? the F proves how hardcore i am) i was going to have to quit at somepoint... dan knew this, though i never had to say it. if the cast is starting from a new point, now is as good a time as any to get out. i'm sorry to anyone this may inconvienience. you'll deal. i don't know the show all that well anywayz. i said when i gradumacated that i'm re-evaluating who i'm friends with, what i'm doing, etc. that hasn't stopped. that won't probably until fall, when i have to make room for new friends. some of you will get shafted not 'cause you suck, but becuase of time. there are enough people i care about that it's going to happen. plus i'm keeping up two functional relationships here. that does take more time than one... like twice the amount. i need to meet gwen in waltham center in 20 minutes. i should finish up my work and close out now. yea for three hour workdays.

this has felt like a productive livejournal entry.

and marcus, if you ever read this, i'm going to miss you, i'm sorry shit worked out like this, but hell, sometimes shit works out like this. thanks for helping me through this year. i don't think i could have done it without you. we got from eachother what we needed at the time. enough said.

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