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why can't i have friends that are nice, or even not asshole?? oh yea, that's right, it wouldn't be so fuckin' amusing.

sleep. i need it. got home at 10. way way early for me. tried to go to sleep at 12. early, 'cause i haven't been sleeping. fell asleep for about 10 minutes. woke up wide awake, really wide awake. from 1-3:30 played civ. fell asleep sometime post 4am. got up. couldn't move, so tired & sore. called martha, told her i would be in at b-block. got here at 10:10. rembered b-block doesn't start 'till 11:10 in the summer. bloody. I MISSED OUT ON SLEEP!

oh, power puff girls movie, has a dexter's lab short at the beggining. rockin' i was very very happy EXCEPT for the fuckin' annoying little brat who was sitting RIGHT behind me and kept on making noise and kicking my chair. i was about to kill it.

oh, and i am buttercup. there is NO question there. i need to watch more power puff girls.

civ III... frustraiting, rocking my world though. addiction... yummy...

deteriorating. should do work.

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