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people confuse me. YOU confuse me. yes you, over there... no, not you, YOU.

teseract was amusing 'cause dan and fang were sitting next to eachother, linda in front, and they all kept on tripping over eachother's AP lines. and the rest of the audience sucked except for this guy... the toe (tow) guy who told fang to say hi to acid 'cause he had been on FBC like 8 years ago or something. i dunno. yea rocky world. it always scares me when i go to teseract, or occasionally an FBC show, and i'm one of the loudest people with call-out lines, and i end up knowing more than most poeple. blarg. rocky horror. and at teseract were the salem state players who are doing the rocky horror show, and they are coming to 8th mod on wednesday. they were... different. fang's going to come and see them and see what they do so on and so forth. this should be amusing.

long long week. spending alot/most of the weekend with alan. silly boy is leaving soon. i'm going to have to shoot him.



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