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a much better description of last night than what i shitted out after stumbling in last night once the sky had started getting light...

some random pee-on aka Cactus J0E. i think he's a friend of lia's.
Cactus J0E 623: ahoi ahoi
Nchanter X: hi
Cactus J0E 623: did I notice you at the show last night?
Nchanter X: teseract. probably. i was there
Cactus J0E: enjoy urself?
Nchanter X: i hate teseract. they suck comparited to full body. however, fang and dan kept everyone entertained as usually, i was sitting with statik who is the shit, and i kept on laughing when dan and fang kept on tripping over eachother's call out lines. so it didn't suck as much as being dragged to teseract (or being convinced to drive rather) usually does. however, for someone who's not a huge rocky person it's kinda disorienting being one of the only people calling out the most popular/well know call out lines. like the ones in the ap script, not the ones that fang pulls out of his ass, though i had a couple of those too. so it was something to do on a friday night, i got to see dan who i haven't in a month, jackie kicks ass, as normal, and i learned that i've seen this show too many times for my own comfort. i was a little upset that i only saw coureton for two seconds, but overall, the eavening was kinda good.

i go spend time with alan now. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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