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Just dropped off my car at the body shop on school st. now comes the time in which i don't have acess to my car. alan and i cleaned it out (mostly) last night. well we got all the trash out and all the valubles. the grime is to be done by james and i before going to va, or i may pay to have it cleaned. yes, it is that bad. something bit alan on the way home last night. or rather, there was a chunk of his shoe missing. oh, and on that note, if anyone has a car they would like to lend me past friday, you would rock my fuckin' socks off. i don't NEED one for the weekend, but getting to weston from watertown, and back every day is hard without a car. i think i can do it, but it includes being picked up/walking a mile or two from a bus stop in waltham, or taking a bus in to the T to the train and walking... no no, the first option sounded better. BLARG.

my schedule for the week!

tonight seeing procupine tree tonight with james and jon, jesse and adam (harvard people.) then hanging out with coureton on tues. on wednesday fang is coming to work to see the salem state people. then i'm going to wayland to watch tons of anime. i'm assuming he's going to want to/is going to come with me. alan and gwen will be there. as will mike, as it's his house, and hopefully other people. it's at 7 or something. weeeeeeeeeeee. spending wednesday night in central. may do stuff with james thursday, like buy me a mattress and boxspring. friday galen's parents come back. i'm also spending that with alan. saturday.... more alan??? i am not sure. he leaves on sunday. he knows not how he's going to get there, last i checked. probably spend sunday with james. well atleast 4-8 i have a faculty party shit, i am scheduled through when alan is leaving

alan is leaving!!!! nooooooooo..............


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