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to say i had a bad weekend would be a lie. i had a really good… - The Mad Ramblings of Nchanter — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 28th, 2002|10:44 pm]
[emotional state |sadsad]
[song on the wind |massive attack - teardrop]

to say i had a bad weekend would be a lie. i had a really good weekend. yet i feel like shit. i'm still sick. i'm supposed to be driven to and from work by galen tomorrow morning. can't get ahold of her. this sucks.



as11804): my tummy hurts.
Nchanter X: :-(
Nchanter X: my heart aches
as11804: because alan left?
Nchanter X: yea. and griffin's cat had to be put to sleep.
as11804: awww. that's awful. poor kitty.
as11804: my heart aches for dead kitties everywhere.
Nchanter X: and with alan, it's the first time that i knew someone was going away and i didn't shut myself down to them. i let myself be open as i was walking out the door. and ir hurt. and i cried and cried this weekend and i will cry myself to sleep.
as11804: :-(
as11804: i've never had a SO move far away. it must be a peculiar thing to deal with.
Nchanter X: it's kinda like hell.
as11804: like breaking up without the breaking up, or something.
Nchanter X: it's like breaking up when neither of you want to.

i'm in a lot of pain right now, emotionally. fang and statik, you might not want to see me this week, 'cause of the whole "um... kris is crying, what do we do now?"


i dunno. i have alot that i want to say, put out there, and no words. just sad.

alan, i love you.....